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TimeReport 30k Download Website Details
TimeReport is a weekly time sheet program. The program keeps track of the time you have spent on different tasks or projects. This is an easy-to-use application with minimal data entry required. You can enter the working time for each task or simply tap on the Palm when you start and stop working with the task. - Week view and month view - Task sum and day sum. Displays the sum of all reported time for each task and day - Rounding of input times to nearest 6, 12, 15, 30 or 60 minutes - Template wee...Click details for more information.

TinySheet German - German 44k Download Website Details
Beschreibung des Programms: Nutzen Sie nun die Leistungsfähigkeit von Excel auf dem Palm in Ihrer Hand! Halten Sie mit Tabellen alles fest angefangen von Artikellisten über Lieferantenddaten bis hin zu Verkaufsinformationen. Eine einfach und intuitiv zu benutzende Arbeitsoberfläche läßt Sie Tabellen erzeugen, Serien von Daten erstellen und sie leicht in Zeilen oder Spalten einfügen und finanzielle, mathematische und wissenschaftliche Formeln auswählen, mit deren Hilfe Sie komplexe Kalkulatio...Click details for more information.

TipU Website Details
TipU is like a sticky note pad for your PalmPilot. However, with tipU each note (also called a "tip" in this document) is much more flexible! You can associate alarms with each note and turn them into scheduled reminders. When the alarm goes off, the note automatically pops up and bugs you. You can even set repeating alarms for things that you want to be reminded of periodically. <br><br> TipU is great for when you need to remember something in an hour or so and do not want to bother with the overhead ...Click details for more information.

ToDo PLUS is Website Details
ToDo PLUS is everything your built-in ToDo application is and a whole lot more! You can add drawings, set an alarm for a ToDo, and even see all your categories at a glance, complete with the due date for the item that is due the soonest and its priority level....Click details for more information.

TripleSync Website Details
TripleSync is a desktop calendar that can also keep your calendar synchronized on multiple platforms. Keep your Palm Pilot, Web calendar, and TripleSync desktop calendars all in sync with the push of a button. TripleSync works with web calendars from Brown Bear Software. TripleSync can also be used to synchronize only a subset (or none) of these different platforms. TripleSync's desktop calendar is designed to keep track and remind you of important events before they occur. TripleSync displays ...Click details for more information.

Unclouded Visions
Universal Tracking System 661k Download Website Details
Universal Tracking System turns your handheld device into a multipurpose logging tool. <br><br> While other one-purpose programs track only energy waste, fat consumption, or medicine usage, with UTS you can track any measurable value of your life: money, weight, calories, time, and many more. <br><br> <img src="http://www.utracksys.com/img/screena.gif" border=0 alt="UTS - All-in-one: medical software, business software, healthcare software" align=left> Remove other trackers from your Palm and install...Click details for more information.

Vikao for Palm Website Details
Mayetic introduces a new freeware application that makes it possible to transfer any text or image information from your PC to your Palm. Thanks to this practical and totally free application, users can copy/paste from any Windows application to their Palm OS. First, the user chooses the information he wants to export to his Palm or PDA and puts it in the clipboard. During the next HotSync synchronization, Vikao for Palm OS automatically transfers the data selected. The user can then find all the data di...Click details for more information.

What I Want Website Details
Keep track of things you have seen in stores that you want to buy with descriptions of the item, store, date, and price. ...Click details for more information.

You & Me v1.3 100k Download Website Details
Believe it or not, now with this software, you can easily upgrade your personal skills or even professional in your day. You will find out which are your better days to talk, meet, deal with professionals, personal and even Love subjects. Seems to be magic, but it is not. It is scientific, based on Physical, Emotional and Intellectual cycles of the Biorhythms and two zodiac's horoscopes. Do not waste your time having problems at work or in your family. Do not give up and trust in science. If you have...Click details for more information.

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