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Daily Money Website Details
Simple but effective personal money management utility...Click details for more information.

DateBK3 Website Details
Replaces the built-in Todo and Datebook applications on all models of the Palm Organizer with a considerably more powerful, integrated program that maintains the general look and feel of the original applications. Runs on ALL models of the Palm Organizer from the original Pilot to the new Palm V. ...Click details for more information.

DateBk4 Website Details
Pimlico Software, Inc. announces the release of DateBk4. DateBk4 is an advanced replacement for the built-in Datebook, ToDo and MemoPad applications and includes integrated viewing capability for the Addressbook application as well. Following on from DateBk3, DateBk4 is very similar in operation to the built-in applications and even though its functionality far exceeds those applications, most of the extensions have been implemented in a manner consistent with the general design of those applications ...Click details for more information.

DateMate Website Details
<font face="ARIAL" size="2"><img src="http://www.MobiMate.com/datemate/pics/iconanim.gif"> Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and more on your PalmPilot!<br> <br> Have all your birthdays, anniversaries, Public holidays and any other events in one organized list.<br> DateMate will automatically synchronize with your DateBook!<br> <br> Get DateMate to enjoy: <ul> <li>State of the art graphical user interface. <li>MobiMate's 24 hours customer support <li>Lifetime FREE upgrades for registe...Click details for more information.

DayNotez Website Details
<p>Your Palm device has done a wonderful job replacing your old paper planner for scheduling and to-do's. But, where did your right hand page go? The one where you recorded the days events, journaled your ideas, and tracked your thoughts.</p> <p>The standard memo application has little organization options. And other offerings add little above this.</p> <p>Natara comes to the rescue with DayNotez, a Palm OS journal application with all the features you need to organize your record of events and thoug...Click details for more information.

DeskPilot Website Details
DeskPilot lets you view your Address Book, MemoPad and To Do List information in a Pilot-sized window on your PC. A System Tray icon keeps you one click away from your data...Click details for more information.

Desktop To Go Website Details
Synchronize Microsoft® Outlook™ and Schedule+ with Palm™ handhelds. Desktop To Go is a fast, reliable way to synchronize your contacts, appointments, tasks and notes between your desktop and Palm handheld. Desktop To Go includes powerful features such as support for non-default user information, including public folders, custom field mapping, private record filtering, date range filtering, and more. Just install Desktop To Go, then push the HotSync button for quick, powerful synchronization. Winner o...Click details for more information.

DI27 Website Details
DI27 is phone book software that can dial a number stored in your PalmPilot's address book or synchronize the PalmPilot's address book numbers with a mobile phone. Communication is done via the PalmPilot's serial interface. If an infrared IrDA driver is active, communication is possible with phones that support the IrDA infrared standard. This version was only tested on Ericsson x888 and Ericsson 6xx or 7xx family phones with attached DI27 infrared modems. This updated version features the display of a "mai...Click details for more information.

Diary Website Details
Diary allows you to enter text and graphics in a single file. You can enter text by writing Graffiti, and add graphics by tapping the stylus and drawing on the screen. Your entries are easy to spot in a monthly calendar overview and easy to keep track of with the date and time included. ...Click details for more information.

DietLog Website Details
DietLog is a modular product that operates on PC's and on handheld digital devices such as the 3Com PalmPilot, and the Apple Newton. The system includes a food nutrient analyzer, electronic food diary, exercise log, metabolic calculator, body log, weight manager, diet generator, menu manager, and an expandable database of facts for foods and activities. The PC version of DietLog hotsyncs with the PalmPilot version. DietLog PC is a full-featured desktop diet and nutrition management system that also connects...Click details for more information.

eFish Website Details
E-Fish was created to give fisherman the ability to track vital information pertaining to fish caught, and gear used. The application will allow sportsmen to record objective data that will help them achieve better results on future outings. If you are a catch and release fisherman, E-Fish will help you to keep track of your success without the need to fill up a stringer. In addition to fish catching data, E-Fish will help the sportsman keep track of the myriads of tackle and equipment in their boat. No...Click details for more information.

eWallet Website Details
Ilium Software eWallet®, now available for your <b>Palm Powered handheld</b>, or <b>Desktop&nbsp;PC</b>! Now you can have all your important information in a format that's secure, easy to access, centralized and portable on any Palm OS platform. Enter your information on your desktop, and read, use and change it on your handheld!<br><br> Collect and keep <b><i>all</b></i> of your important information with eWallet. Our easy-to-use cards help you keep track of all of your:<br><br> <font color="cc0000">...Click details for more information.

EZTip PalmPilot Application - Website Details
Calculates the tax and tip amounts/percentages and itemizes a bill for up to 15 people. PalmPilot II/Palm III users can split items between payers. All Palm OS platforms are supported. Additional features include: (1) If the tax percentage is unknown, the user can enter a tax amount and EZTip will calculate the tax percentage. (2) The user can select to calculate the tip on the bill amount either before or after tax has been added. ...Click details for more information.

Flip Chart Website Details
Flip Chart lets you create flip chart presentations on your Palm computing device without you having to using a scripting language. Flip charts consist of text slides you can flip through one at a time. You can create slides on your non-color Palm device that will display in color on a Palm IIIc (and vice versa). Create a flip chart and beam it to your coworker, client, whoever. Flip charts are very small, so they can be emailed to far away friends. Don't worry about your charts getting changed. You can loc...Click details for more information.

Friend Indeed Website Details
"Friend Indeed" is a Personal Information System for Palmtop and Handheld PCs. The application can be used to store and monitor your personal information like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Pulse Rate, Vehicle Mileage, etc. and further analyze them over a period of time. For easier analysis, it provides a graphical representation of the stored information with zooming facility. Addition...Click details for more information.

Globalphone 1.53 1401k Download Details
Globalphone connects to MS Exchange Server Global Address Book. Easy Conduit Installation and instant access to all the names, addresses, e-mail, phone numbers and other address book data. Flexible sort order by last or first name with phonetic name lookup option. Supports complete Exchange Address book fields. Integrated with E-mail and Beam applications. <hr SIZE="1"> <b>Update Description</b><br> Shareware version. Update 1.52 - Fix problem with Synchronization interval processing. Detecting sync...Click details for more information.

HandyShopper 44k Download Details
HandyShopper keeps track of your shopping list(s). It's free, full-featured, and easy to use! Full source code is included. Works on Palm 2.x and 3.x (but not 1.x) ...Click details for more information.

HelloLock Website Details
A simple aplication that just simply locks the pilot, so that you can set one of the hardware buttons to directly activate it (Palm OS 2.0 allows that) and then if a person starts pushing the buttons automaticaly locks the pilot. ...Click details for more information.

Hot Chick Database 15k Download Website Details
Physical black books are *so* 70s - Palm devices are the wave of the future! This little application stores all the hot chicks you meet on all your wild adventures. You can retrieve the information, edit it, even BEAM chicks to your palm-toting buddies! Keep track of vital stats like Chest, Height, and of course a 4-star based rating system! NEW Features in v1.3: Nine new data entry fields, Three customizable data entry fields, New Main Screen layout, Private records, app remembers last screen/chick you wer...Click details for more information.

Indelible Notepad Website Details
Indelible Notepad is a simple notepad with a twist. Once you enter data into the notepad, you cannot delete it. You can mark information as deleted, but it won't be actually removed. The unregistered version will expire on the date shown at startup; after that date, you can only view text previously entered. ...Click details for more information.

Info Select for the Palm Organ 369k Download Website Details
Info Select for the Palm Organizer 1.06 is a powerful new outliner for the Palm platform. The easy-to-use outliner offers organization of assorted information, fast searches, and intelligent synchronization. The outliner helps organize addresses, notes, ideas, lists, thoughts, plans, goals, and other random information that users come across daily. An Intelligent Synchronization feature will HotSync outlines with other Palm Organizers, to your PC, or with Info Select for Windows. This provides the ability t...Click details for more information.

Issue Manager 11k Download Details
The standard To Do application is great if you want to track things that *you* have to do, but managing issues needs something a bit different. Issue Manager attempts to address this. Anyone that has to manage issues on a regular basis: project and product managers, software developers, etc. will find this software useful. Changes since v1.0 include the ability to purge completed records. Registering your software will give you one year of free upgrades and support. ...Click details for more information.

Jshopper Website Details
JShopper is a shopping list type application. Use it to store items you need at up 10 different stores. Items can be associated with multiple stores, so that if you need soda-pop for instance, one tap updates the need in in all stores that contain soda-pop....Click details for more information.

ListMaker Website Details
ListMaker is designed for those tasks that require creating a list--shopping, errands, to-do items, grocery, car maintenance, or chores, for example. With ListMaker, you can sort your lists categorically or alphabetically. This updated version adds a beaming feature for Palm OS devices with IRDA, features significant speed increases, and imports from Memo Pad. ...Click details for more information.

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