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3-in-1 Personal pack from Webv 660k Download Website Details
Maximus is a Palm supplement – personal organizer for home and business use. A wide choice of icons, colors, groups, etc. are only few of the features that will help you better organize and visualize your daily activities. Impulse – beat composing instrument that helps people doing fitness or bodybuilding keep the exact rhythm and timing of each exercise. Have relatively easy exercises ever tired you quickly? This often happens due to irregular breathing rhythm and improper muscle strain. WebVisia Impulse...Click details for more information.

4T NOX Detailed Information 18k Download Website Details
Do you get tired of trying to remember or even come up with all those passwords? If so, try 4T NOX. With 4T NOX for the Palm Computing Device, you enter ONE password and your problems are over. You can enter vital account information such as, login ID's, e-mail ID's, credit card information, checking and savings account information, ATM cards, loan accounts, stock accounts, application information, phone cards, URL's, voicemail and more. 4T NOX also has the capability of generating random passwords and pin ...Click details for more information.

4T Nvntory Detailed Informatio 15k Download Website Details
Need a convienient place to keep all your home inventory. Try 4T Nvntory. with 4T Nvntory you can keep all your valuables and information about them in one place. You can store serial numbers, id numbers, cost, replacement cost, locations, make, models, and much much more. Categorize each item to your needs. Keep your insured valuable items in 4T Nvntory for quick access to information. No more hunting through all those files, use 4T Nvntory for fast, accurate information retrieval. Standard Features: - Dro...Click details for more information.

4T Personal Website Details
<span class="body"> <p><font size="2"><b>4T PERSONAL </b>is a <b>FREE,</b> full-featured personal information storage application that is used to store the information needed when purchasing an automobile, house, filling out a credit application, etc.&nbsp; 4T PERSONAL utilizes a 448bit encryption scheme (<b>BLOWFISH</b>) for secure data and is password protected.&nbsp; You can store information pertaining to bank accounts, credit cards, email, phone cards, credit references, and much more. Pull-do...Click details for more information.

99 Icons for ActionNames 8k Download Website Details
99 Icons for Action Names gives you additional icons for use with Action Names by <a href="http://www.iambic.com/pilot/actionnames/actionsales.html" class=g target=_top>iambic Software</a>. This database contains of more then <b>240</b> icons for all events of your life....Click details for more information.

99 Icons for ActionNames COLOR 11k Download Website Details
99 Icons for Action Names <b><font color=0000FF>C</font><font color=4000BF>O</font><font color=800080>L</font><font color=BF0040>O</font><font color=FF0000>R</font></b> gives you additional color icons for use with Action Names by <a href="http://www.iambic.com/pilot/actionnames/actionsales.html" class=g target=_top>iambic Software</a>. This database contains of more then <b>230</b> icons for all events of your life....Click details for more information.

99 Icons for AllMoney 5k Download Website Details
99 Icons for AllMoney gives you additional icons for use with AllMoney by <a href="http://www.iambic.com/pilot/allmoney/default.htm" class=g>iambic Software</a>. This database contains of more then <b>60</b> icons for all events of your financial life....Click details for more information.

99icons for DateBk3 14k Download Website Details
99 Icons for DateBK3 gives you additional icons for use with BateBK3 by Pimlico Software. This collection contains of 208 (4 Packs) icons for all events of your life. ...Click details for more information.

A Time Maximizer 84k Download Website Details
<b>Time Maximizer</b> <p>Time Maximizer is a personal time management tool that will help you maximize your effectiveness by enabling you to better understand how much of your time you are spending on important activities. Download a <b>FREE</b> 21-day trial now!</p> <center><a href="http://www.handbytes.com"><img src="http://www.handbytes.com/images/tm_screen.gif" width="160" height="160" border="0" alt="Time Maximizer"></a></center> <p>Once you understand how you are spending your time presently, y...Click details for more information.

ACT! PalmPilot Link for Win95 Website Details
With the ACT! PalmPilot link from Symantec, you can transfer your contact database from your desktop or lap top to your PalmPilot quickly...Click details for more information.

Action Names Website Details
Action Names <b>enhances the Palm date book (calendar)</b>, <b>to do list</b> and <b>address book</b>. It links Contacts to calendar and todo list items similar to Act! and other contact managers. Now you can easily view more of your schedule. All of your commitments including <b>phone calls</b>, <b>meetings</b> and <b>todos</b> are shown in a single organized agenda view. <b>Five agenda views</b> let you see your schedule for the day, week, month, quarter, and split day view (showing meetings above t...Click details for more information.

Actioneer Website Details
Electronic services of many kinds, on the Web and desktop, are growing rapidly. Actioneer?s award-winning software speeds access to those services, from the desktop and handheld devices. Recognized as an innovative leader in streamlining access to e-services, Actioneer?s technology has been winning prizes consistently since its introduction, including 1999 Program of the Year from ZDNet and PC Magazine....Click details for more information.

AddBook2Web 1.0 Website Details
AddBook2Web lets you quickly convert your Address book to HTML so you can either upload it to the Web and have access to all of your contact information and/or just view it in a more user-friendly interface on your browser. You can easily select which categories to include or exclude as well as customize the format by adding HTML tags. ...Click details for more information.

Address+ 38k Download Website Details
Got a 5 star rating from ZDNET! Address+ is a great drop-in replacement for the default address book application. It features 4 commonly used sorting methods, including First Name sorting, easy record duplication, an optional letterbar, a robust group manipulation feature to ease your record maintenance, the optional ability to timestamp a record each time you edit it, 100% compatibility with your existing address database, and now with Font and Beaming support! The interface of Address+ is very similar ...Click details for more information.

Agenda 12k Download Website Details
Agenda provides a simple tab-based interface that allows quick access to a list of appointments from the Date Book for today, tomorrow, and this week. A fourth tab displays the current todo items. It is also shareware. The evaluation period is 30 days. If you continue to use it after 30 days, you are required to register....Click details for more information.

anagram 1950k Download Website Details
anagram is an application for your PC that helps you create new addresses and appointments in your Palm from ordinary English text. Ever receive an email with an announcement of an upcoming meeting, or find an address on the web that you'd like to put in your Palm? anagram does it for you automatically.<p> anagram instantly and intelligently translates the meaningful text from any application into Palm Address, Datebook, To-Do and Memo items. Simply select the text describing an upcoming meeting, a new a...Click details for more information.

Annual Event Manager 1.2 Website Details
Annual Event Manager allows you to track and organize major events in your life, like birthdays, anniversaries, and vacations. You'll have access to the number of days you have left to prepare, or procrastinate. Annual Event Manager lists the event and how many days until it happens, and allows you to enter notes about the event. You can set up different categories and organize major events in your business. ...Click details for more information.

AW Nail Art Encyclopedia Website Details
<p>Encyclopedia of Nail Art, includes images and algorithms for design implementation. (C) Nogti.com. Features include: Extremely fast dictionary browsing; resident mode to lookup words from another applications; expansion cards support; adjustable fonts; search within the offered definitions; and more. Easy to use, convenient Roadlingua dictionary shell.</p> <strong>Features:</strong> <ul> <li>Easy to use, convenient RoadLingua dictionary shell <li>Extremely fast dictionary browsing <li>Resident mode ...Click details for more information.

BART Scheduler 14k Download Website Details
BART Scheduler is a Palm Pilot app that finds the times for BART trains, given source and destination stations and an approximate time to leave or arrive. <br> Download the latest train schedules for use with BART Scheduler from the website....Click details for more information.

Birthdate Website Details
<b>Reminds you of Birthdates and other events</b> <br> Keep track of the birthdates and other events of your friends and family. Simply use the Pilot built-in Address-Book to enter the birthdates. Birthdate for Pilot will help you keep track of all dates and automatically create entries in the Date-Book to notify of upcoming events. Now you can enter the events for a whole family in a single Address-Book entry! <br><br> You'll always be reminded of that important birthdate in time! ...Click details for more information.

BrainForest Website Details
BrainForest Professional for the Palm Computing platform is the premier action item, checklist manager, idea keeper, and project planner for mobile professionals....Click details for more information.

BugMe Website Details
BugMe lets you quickly scribble a note and set a time for the note to pop up and bug you. You can create a reminder and then either set a custom time or select one from a pop-up list. This updated version adds thumbnail views, private locked records, hourly repeat on alarms, categories for notes, and much more....Click details for more information.

Call Tracker™ for Palm OS® 118k Download Website Details
Call Tracker makes it easier for you to manage your calls. It lets you track and log all of your calls, schedule new ones, add notes, and relocate them to the datebook....Click details for more information.

CalorieWatch Website Details
CalorieWatch is designed to keep a daily watch over your calories. Compute your ideal weight, how many calories you should take in per day, and your Body Mass Index, depending on your age, height and life style.<br> Guard your weight change daily by entering the food items eaten and the exercises done throughout the day.<br> Find calories gained by food items and the calories burnt by various exercises and regulate your habits accordingly ! ...Click details for more information.

Contact-M® Website Details
<b>Product Description:</b> Contact-M® is a powerful and super useful address book! With a lot of features! With Contact-M® you will organize a perfect and easy-to-manage address book. In this program you have the option to add new categories, for example: a address book with only family, other categorie with only friends... and you have the option to make a list of commitments of the day with the people in your address book! You dont need to have more than a program to manage this! In the Contact-M® you ca...Click details for more information.

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