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AlarmHack Website Details
AlarmHack is a simple utility which patches the system alarm code to make the datebook alarm ring up to 9x longer. It also will optionally nag you by repeating the alarm at specified intervals...Click details for more information.

AltCtrl HackPro Website Details
Add Menu Shortcuts (Great For Solus Users). Also: 2 Levels of mappings!...Click details for more information.

AltCtrlHack Pro 1.0 Website Details
AltCtrlHack Pro is a HackMaster extension that uses the PalmPilot's power button to increase your hard key mapping options. It predefines seven buttons for you or, if you choose, lets you assign your own buttons. You can print your active screen, send text in the clipboard to the printer, perform a HotSync, and more. ...Click details for more information.

AppHack Website Details
This version of AppHack allows you to assign up to twenty-four apps for instant access with just two sequential button pushes. Never go to the Applications dialog box again. This version is written to comply with the HackMaster system extension protocol, so you can be sure it won't conflict with any other system patches. ...Click details for more information.

Application Usage 13k Download Website Details
Application Usage Hack runs in the background and keeps a tally on the number of times different applications are used, the total time those applications have been used, and a grand total time.<br> Results can be viewed in a raw format (i.e. as recorded), as usages bar graph, time bar graph and as percentages of grand total. ...Click details for more information.

Backdrop 1.3 Website Details
Backdrop allows you to put a background image on your PalmPilot screen. The image will stay in place even when other applications are running, though you may set Backdrop to be removed for certain programs. The background image is customizable, as Backdrop will read images saved in the Image Viewer format. You can find sample images for backgrounds at the developer's site. This updated version adds a delete images option, faster screen drawing routines, reduced memory requirements, and now runs on the Palm ...Click details for more information.

Backdrop EZ Website Details
Backdrop EZ allows you to put a four-color image on your Palm V or Palm IIIx's screen background. The image will stay in place even when other applications are running, though you may set Backdrop EZ to remove it for certain programs. The background image is customizable, as Backdrop EZ will read images saved in the Image Viewer. You can find sample images for backgrounds at the developer's site. ...Click details for more information.

CalcHack Website Details
CalcHack is a HackMaster extension that allows you to run any of eight different add-on calculators from your Calculator silk-screen button instead of the built-in calculator. A few more calculators were added to this version. ...Click details for more information.

CaseToggle Hack Website Details
CaseToggle is a hack that allows you to easily change the case of letters and select text with a double tap. Any selected text can be made uppercase or lowercase by entering a cursor-right or cursor-left Graffiti stroke. CaseToggle provides an interesting and productive way of selecting text, also with a double tap. ...Click details for more information.

CJKOS Website Details
CJKOS(Chinese, Japanese, Korean Operation System) is used to enhance the English version of Palm OS to support multilanguage systems, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. CJKOS displays Chinese, Japanese and Korean words (both simplified and traditional). Many different input methods are available. CJKOS also supports many different fonts....Click details for more information.

ClearHack Website Details
After months of being driven to distraction by that annoying dotted underlining in the MemoPad, months of squinting at colons and periods to see if they're not really semi-colons or commas, I threw down the gauntlet and wrote ClearHack. ClearHack takes the underlining out of all multi-line fields. ClearHack is a HackMaster-compatible module. It's compatible with all Palm and PalmPilot devices up to and including the new Palm IIIx and V. ...Click details for more information.

Clip Hack Website Details
<h4>Remove the "Clipboard Limit Exceeded" message forever.</h4> The PalmPilot developers thought you would only need a clipboard that could handle only around 150 words or under three PalmPilot screens of text. ClipHack blows that limit away and still gives you more. <br><br> ClipHack enables you to cut, copy and paste entire documents in one operation. ClipHack gives you a brief word and character count on cut and copy to gauge the size of the text you are manipulating - something that is difficult with...Click details for more information.

ClockHack Website Details
ClockHack is a HackMaster extension that draws a small clock on every screen of the PalmPilot....Click details for more information.

ClockWorks Website Details
ClockWorks, formerly known as Chronos, is a large digital stopwatch, clock, and timer application for the PalmPilot. This updated version lets you use its sounds or the PalmPilot's system alarm sound and make your selection in the Preferences. It also corrects some minor user interface bugs. ...Click details for more information.

CorrectHack Website Details
CorrectHack is a HackMaster extension that allows you to define a list of commonly misspelled words or abbreviations that will be automatically replaced with the correct spelling or expanded text when entered into any edit field. For instance, you can set up CorrectHack to automatically replace teh with the or to replace your initials with your full name. You must install HackMaster for CorrectHack to function. ...Click details for more information.

Daylight Saving Hack Website Details
Daylight Saving Hack is a simple application that changes your Pilot's time according to rules you can specify on the control panel. Every time you turn on your PalmPilot, Daylight Saving Hack will check if it is time to switch from standard to daylight saving time and vice versa. ...Click details for more information.

EVEdit Website Details
EVEdit is a HackMaster extension which expands the built-in EDIT function. <ul> <li> Windows style menu. Drops down the menu bar of an application by click its title bar, provides a "tap and drag and lift" menu selection style. <br> <li>Enhances the built-in TEXT EDIT function. <li>Provides a visual on-screen reference to show pen stroke while entering Graffiti characters. <li>Expands the built-in Clipboard from 1 item to 10 items. ...Click details for more information.

Gray Contrast Website Details
This is a panel Application for PalmOS 3.1 or later. You can change the default screen mode to Black and White or Gray scale. A two slider control let you change the contrast for each gray color....Click details for more information.

HackMaster Website Details
Control panels for your Pilot...Click details for more information.

LightHack Website Details
A neat feature of the Palm IIIx and Palm V: when the backlight is activated, the dark pixels light up instead of the background. LightHack provides a similar feature for the Palm III (and older Palm devices with backlights) -- whenever the backlight is activated, the screen is inverted so that the text lights up, and the background stays dark. When the backlight is turned off, the screen returns to normal. ...Click details for more information.

PopUp Time 14k Download Website Details
PopUp Time is a HackMaster extension which displays current time, OS version, battery voltage, free memory and Internet Time without leaving current application. There is a setup where you can choose the key stroke to activate it. (you'll certainly not choose the same stroke as for the other POpUp applications).<br> Current date, time or any date choosen from the calendar can be inserted into the current active field of the underlying application.<br> It can be started automatically each time you turn on ...Click details for more information.

Recycle Website Details
Deskfree Recycle optimizes your PalmPilot memory for increased storage and greater speed. It is dubbed the "Natural" defragger because it uses only the official programming interface, rather than playing around with undocumented memory structures. It performs with varying levels of automation to suit your needs...Click details for more information.

ShiftHack Website Details
Does your Pilot capitalize letters when you don't want it to? Tired of shifting up three times to turn off auto-capitalization? Want caps-lock to stay on as long as you want it to, even during editing? ShiftHack gives control over shifting back to you. ShiftHack is a HackMaster-compatible module that eliminates auto-capitalization, and maintains your chosen shift-state between applications (including the built-in apps). It's tightly-coded, efficient, and compatible with all Palm and PalmPilot device...Click details for more information.

Steroid Website Details
Steroid is designed to increase the performance speed of your PalmPilot. This is accomplished by increasing the system clock frequency, hence the speed at which the processor works. ...Click details for more information.

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