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2002 Winter - Wireless Interne Website Details
The conference will examine technology and business issues related to assimilating, developing, deploying and revenue generation potential of Wireless Internet for Data/Telecom applications and Corporate Enterprise applications. The event has been designed for senior technical and business executives to learn about new technologies, to find out about successful current business models being implemented to increase Mobile Internet usage and to discuss the woes and windfalls of wireless technology through cas...Click details for more information.

BlueMoon Website Details
Write mobile applications once and run them anywhere. Forget WML, HDML, HTML, and VoiceXML. Use the BlueMoon Wireless Application Server and GUI development tool to create enterprise-ready applications that work on any device over any network. With an XML-based language, extensive API, and plenty of sample applications and templates, BlueMoon will help you quickly and efficiently wirelessly extend your business or enterprise. Requires SUN JDK 1.3; Win NT/2000, RedHat Linux, or Solaris. 30-day trial. B...Click details for more information.

CASL Website Details
If you've been looking for a tool to enable you to use your Windows PC to quickly create software for the PalmPilot, you've come to the right place. CASL (Compact Application Solution Language) will let you turn your ideas into applications in a matter of minutes. CASL is the second PDA development tool from Feras Information Technologies (our first for the Pilot). CASL programs can be compiled to run either under Windows or on the PalmPilot Pilot 1000/5000, PalmPilot, and Palm III). In fact, a CASL prog...Click details for more information.

CheckPRC 536k Download Website Details
PalmOS API Version Check (CheckPRC) is a useful tool for Palm developers to identify compatibility problems and maximise the number of users who can access their applications. It can be used to determine the earliest version of PalmOS that a Palm application may run on, and to identify all the PalmOS functions that the application uses. CheckPRC runs on 32-bit Microsoft Windows systems and analyses PalmOS executable .prc files. Each API function used by the application is listed and identified by the Pal...Click details for more information.

DynaWorks Website Details
DynaWorks is a Java-based framework for rapid application and database development for the Palm running a K Virtual Machine. It allows multiple pages (dialogs) and has a build-in and custom database support. The development of custom conduits is also supported. DynaWorks is released as an Open Source project to the KVM developer community. Well-documented source code allows you to customize and enhance DynaWorks yourself. Enjoy! ...Click details for more information.

Font Converter Website Details
Add custom fonts to your Pilot application A tool geared towards Pilot developers. This is a Macintosh application which converts Mac NFNTs or FONTs into resources which you can include in your Pilot applications. Includes source code which can be included in your Pilot app for accessing the fonts and a small Pilot app for testing. NOTE: Now updated and works with PalmPilot/Pilot 2.0 ROM! ...Click details for more information.

FontBucket Website Details
FontBucket gives Palm users a central repository to manage fonts that they use in a variety of software programs. FontBucket is also a developer tool, allowing developers to use those fonts in their own applications. Best of all, FontBucket is FREE. Palm User Features * FREE * Central location to manage fonts * Clicking a font shows a sample of that font * Users can type in their own text in the sample field * Fonts can be deleted * Fonts can be beamed Developer Features * FREE. D...Click details for more information.

Grid View Control for Satellit Website Details
Finally, a grid view control for Satellite Forms (Tm)--- ---A trial can be downloaded from http://www.technohand.com/lsgrid.htm ---Features included are ---FOR THE DEVELOPER --Minimal Coding --Works with specific / default data formats --Does not depend on the form's underlying table --Define column headings --Display column totals --Format display data by specifying masks --Works independently of number of records --Data Look-up capability --Display only selected columns --Display filtered record count --D...Click details for more information.

HB++ - a new programming langu Website Details
HB++ for PalmOS available - Peter Holmes Consulting has launched a new programming language for PalmOS called Handheld Basic or Hb++. It's a Visual basic like programming language/IDE with database and hotsync capabalities that produce true 68000 prc. You can also check some benchmarks. http://www.aldweb.com/articles.php?lng=en&pg=24 ...Click details for more information.

HB++ new programming language for PalmOS
HB++ new programming language Website Details
HB++ for PalmOS available - Peter Holmes Consulting has launched a new programming language for PalmOS called Handheld Basic or Hb++. It's a Visual basic like programming language/IDE with database and hotsync capabalities that produce true 68000 prc. You can also check some benchmarks. http://www.aldweb.com/articles.php?lng=en&pg=24 ...Click details for more information.

JDesignerPro 4.0 Website Details
JDesignerPro 4.0 is the first widely available RAD tool that allows virtually anyone to create wireless handheld enterprise applications with little or no programming experience. JDesignerPro 4.0 is perfect for building mobile applications for industries including but not limited to the following: Sales Force Automation, Warehousing, Quoting and Point of Sale. ...Click details for more information.

Jump - Java Website Details
Jump is a program that allows developers to write JavaTM code for the PalmPilot handheld PDA from 3Com. This has nothing to do with the Internet, HTTP, or the World Wide Web, and in particular will not allow you to run or write Java "applets". It does allow you to use a well-designed, easy to learn language to write applications for the PalmPilot....Click details for more information.

Kinectivity Website Details
Kinectivity Studio is a rapid application tool for data-driven mobile applications. Use this visual workshop to build and deploy custom mobile solutions for Palm OS devices with no runtime fees. Through configurable components, Kinectivity provides everything you need to build and deploy your mobile applications without writing any code.  Your Kinectivity applications will provide local synchronization directly to MS Access, SQL Server, DB/2 and other applications and database systems. Add Kinectivity ...Click details for more information.

PalmImageDB 1612k Download Website Details
PalmImageDB is a suite of components that allows developers and users to choose bmp's and jpeg's in your own palm application. Included is a COM DLL to create your own VB or VC++ application, samples in VB and VC++, a palm library to display images and a palm sample application. ...Click details for more information.

PDB Tools Website Details
PDB tools: An unique tool for developers! Manage, analyze, fix problems of Palm PDB data from Windows Platform. Wiew, add, delete, modify, sort, print, export and much more just with a "click"! ONLY for Appforge developments. ...Click details for more information.

photopalm.netfirms.com 4k Download Website Details
Welcome to photopalm.netfirms.com Most professional photographers keep a record of the photographs they take. It’s not a complicated process, but it is vitally important to their ongoing success. Freelance photographers in particular are dependent on these records to track their work to bill clients. Poor record keeping means missed profit opportunities. PhotoPalm for the PalmPilot is a welcome addition to the photographer’s equipment arsenal. With it’s ‘Quick-Tap’ pop-up lists and user-modifiable dat...Click details for more information.

PickaPalm Website Details
Telepathy? Nearly...! It's the world's first original magic trick for the Palm Pilot! Designed for the professional magician, this software application will not just fool but blow people's minds! Now also available for Windows and Mac. You will always know what card your audience thinks of. Even from across the room, wearing a blindfold without touching the device. Works on someone else's Palm Pilot, too! Imagine the total amazement when you can name the card, that was picked on a stranger's Palm Pil...Click details for more information.

PocketC Website Details
PocketC is the long-awaited application that fills the needs of programmers and hobbyists alike with a surprisingly pleasant implementation of C. With PocketC, anyone can quickly write an applet, small or large, to make on the go calculations, to test algorithms, or just to while away some time. ...Click details for more information.

PocketStudio Professional Website Details
PocketStudioTM Professional v1.0 is a complete development solution for embedded and hand held devices. The Operating System (OS) to be supported is PalmOStm version 2.0 and higher. PocketStudioTM Professional Edition is a powerful combination of a state-of-the-art, 32-bit compiler with an easy-to-use integrated development environment that allows you to quickly build sophisticated applications for the PalmOStm using the skills you already possess. PocketStudio provides the power of Pascal with the ease of ...Click details for more information.

Rotate Mania 2 Website Details
Good news for Rotate Mania fans!!! Long-expected release for OS5 High Resolution graphics - 320x320 screen and 65000 colors, now available on Absolutist.com site. And you are able to enjoy quality of graphics, effects, enhanced music and sound. There are many cool features were added to this release. Three different game modes: STRIP MANIA, SHIFT MANIA, TIME MANIA. Variety of combinations and strategies make the game more addictive. Some kinds of skins are sure to make your gameplay more and more interes...Click details for more information.

TOP Sync
TransAOL Website Details
TransAOL is a PC based application to be used with the Pilot from US Robotics and America Online. It allows you to send the Email written on the Pilot, and to download any messages you received through AOL. In fact, you can download any of the messages stored in your Personnal Filing Cabinet ; Email as well as Newsgroups messages. It has been tested with America Online V3.0 and V2.5, US and international version....Click details for more information.

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