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Monkey Tones 54k Download Website Details
The MonkeyTone software allows the user to create and edit personalized ringtones to install on their mobile phones. ...Click details for more information.

MonkeyLogo1.0Demo 129k Download Website Details
Monkey Logo allows the user to create and edit personalized Logos to put on their Nokia mobile phones. The application has toolbar with options to draw, erase, shade, shift, and zoom in on an area for graphic detailing. Then simply beam your Logo to your GSM Nokia phone, and you can change it as often as you like....Click details for more information.

MonkeyMessenger1.3 25k Download Website Details
Mobilephone SMS Manager via Palm Infrared. Send and receive Short Messages (SMS) from your Palm to any Nokia 6100, 7100, 8200,8800 series GSM mobile phone via infrared. Also works with Ericsson,Motorola and Siemens IrDA enabled phones !!! Access any other GSM mobile user via SMS from your Palm. Features convenient Friends list for access to frequently messaged numbers. No cables or connectors required. Note: You must enable Infrared connection on your Nokia phone before sending/receiving messages....Click details for more information.

MultiMail Pro 2.1 Website Details
MultiMail Pro is an email client for the PalmPilot. It allows remote retrieval of email using the PalmPilot modem. No synching is necessary. MultiMail Pro supports POP3 and IMAP4 standards for email retrieval. Compose and send email through the SMTP protocol. The program supports downloading of headers only through the IMAP4 protocol. MultiMail Pro is capable of handling long messages; sorting email by username, date, or subject; and has links to the PalmPilot address book. This updated version features sup...Click details for more information.

NetNews Website Details
NetNews A very basic NNTP news browser for the Palm Pilot Professional....Click details for more information.

One Touch Mail Website Details
One-Touch Mail is designed to manage information wherever, however, and whenever you need it. Now mobile professionals can go on the road without leaving access to information behind. With One-Touch Mail users can send and receive Contacts, Calendars and text attachments as well as regular E-mail wirelessly. One-Touch Mail also includes advanced organization features that allows for intuitive filing and filtering. ...Click details for more information.

Online 1.5d1 Website Details
Online is a VT-100 terminal emulator for PalmOS organizers.&nbsp;<br> <br> Users of Online can connect to other computer systems and access real computer power and<br> network resources whereever they are. Online has been used to connect to Unix systems and then<br> surf the web using Lynx, edit files with vi and emacs - and even to read and write email using elm!&nbsp;<br> <br> Online is also a handy tool to use to configure routers and othe...Click details for more information.

onSign Website Details
With onSign, you can securely embed your personal, handwritten signature into your Word documents or Outlook messages with a simple click of your mouse. onSign uses industry standard SHA-1 and RSA algorithms to lock your signature to the contents of a document, making your signature invalid if even one character in the message is changed. Your signature cannot be copied, removed or altered, giving you the freedom to express your identity in your electronic communications. onSign is free, downloadable, and t...Click details for more information.

PageNow Website Details
PageNow is wireless messaging software that works in conjunction with a PalmPilot pager. You use the keyboard or Graffiti to create pager messages, and then send them using any paging service that uses the TAP protocol. Preferences let you set dialing and communications options, a greeting, a signature, and more. PageNow supports the PalmPilot clip-on modem as well as external Hayes-compatible modems. A message splitting feature splits long messages into a series of smaller ones, and a character/page counte...Click details for more information.

Palmeta Mail Website Details
Palmeta Mail is a software product that email-enables the PalmPilot by providing a bridge between your existing email system on your Windows 95 desktop PC and the Memo Pad application. Palmeta Mail leverages the power of your desktop email system to enable PalmPilot to send and receive email using any MAPI-enabled mail system. Since only your mail goes to the PalmPilot, Palmeta Mail makes the most of the PalmPilot’s memory. Palmeta Mail supports Microsoft Exchange, Windows Messaging, Outlook 97, Eudora Pro ...Click details for more information.

PalmReader 1.2 1246k Download Website Details
Newly updated with bug fixes! With PalmReader 1.2, you can download your favorite newsgroups when you sync your palm pilot. It includes an easy to use professional graphical windows interface to choose what newsgroups you want to download, you can configure exactly how many messages from each newsgroup you want to download, dissable and limit each newsgroup individually, and limit the size of messages. Its the easiest way to keep up with your favorite topics in your free time....Click details for more information.

PaPi-Mail2 Website Details
PaPi-Mail2 is a POP3 and APOP/IMAP4 Internet mail client. PaPi-Mail2 has listing, sending, and receiving functions only. It creates a list of email stored in the mail server. You can check the abbreviated header information from the list in offline mode before downloading those messages into your PalmPilot, then choose which messages should be downloaded. This update is a limited version of PaPi-Mail2; APOP is not supported, the number of messages is limited to ten, and only one mail server preference is en...Click details for more information.

P-Fax 1k Download Website Details
P-Fax - new name, even better functionality. Faxing anytime, anywhere now with cover sheet editing, cc: e-mail and enhanced edit checking. Still freeware and the best wireless faxing value with a small per fax charge. Fax anywhere worldwide. From the Rovenet Wireless Internet Portal....Click details for more information.

PocketFlash Website Details
Aol for the PalmPilot: A Palm computing device, a 3Com Palm modem and your AOL account are all you need to keep up to date with your E-mail! PocketFlash quickly and easily sends and receives E-mail from anywhere in the world with access to a phone line. Allowing for totally mobile E-mail as no desktop is needed. This is a special new electronic version for only $25.00. ...Click details for more information.

PocketFlash 2.0 for AOL email Website Details
AOL email on Palm devices is available now with PocketFlash 2.0. This completely new version is just like your desktop software with Online Mode email (complete with standard folders.) and Batch Mode email for quick send/receive of mail written off-line. Taking advantage of the mobility of your Palm Device, you can access AOL anywhere in the world you have a phone line. 2.0 is also able to download and view text attach...Click details for more information.

ProxiWeb Website Details
ProxiNet, Inc. develops intelligent proxy technology to enable Web access and personalized information delivery for handheld devices, such as PDAs, smart phones and pagers....Click details for more information.

ProxiWeb Website Details
Graphical PalmPilot web browser based on breakthrough research from the University of California at Berkeley.  ...Click details for more information.

Remote Access
Ringtones for Mobile Phones 1k Download Website Details
Collection of over 600 ringtones for Nokia and Siemens mobile phones. About 11 categories of music - Films And TV, Pop, Beatles, Classical, 70's, National Anthems, RAP, Rock and Metal, Bollywood (Indian), Christmas / New year, Chinese and Japanese music....Click details for more information.

riteMail™ Website Details
riteMail™ technology and service lets you send and receive handwritten email between desktop, laptop, and wireless handheld computers. It works with any Java-enabled Web browser, and displays riteMail letters in the body of Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora, and other email messages. ...Click details for more information.

Swift Inbox 34k Download Website Details
Swift Inbox is a simple utility for receiving e-mail. It is designed to be an easy-to-use utility, which means there are no extra options or distracting screen elements, so the message manipulation is as intuitive as possible. <br><br> It is a part of Swift Utilities package, and it should be used with Swift Outbox as it's send mail client, and Swift Prefs, a server configuration utility. <br><br> The interface is designed to provide maximum of device's capabillities. Swift Inbox runs in black and w...Click details for more information.

Swift Outbox 18k Download Website Details
Swift Outbox is a simple utility for sending e-mail. <br> There are several advantages to this software that you should consider: <br><br> <b>Design</b> <br><br> Swift Outbox is designed to be a simple and fast application with an easy-to-use interface. You can Lookup e-mail addresses from AddressBook or change youre-mail server with just one tap. <br><br> <b>Speed</b> <br><br> If you send several simple messages using more than one server, then Swift Outboxis what you need. You don''t have to cha...Click details for more information.

Swift Outbox 28k Download Website Details
Swift Outbox is a simple utility for sending e-mail. There are several advantages to this software that you should consider: <br><br> <b>Design</b> <br><br> Swift Outbox is designed to be a simple and fast application with an easy-to-use interface. You can Lookup e-mail addresses from AddressBook or change your e-mail server with just one tap. <br><br> <b>Speed</b> <br><br> If you send several simple messages using more than one server, then Swift Outbox is what you need. You don't have to change...Click details for more information.

Treo Ringtone Collection 3k Download Website Details
<u>Do you want to replace the standard ringtone with the latest Britney Spears, R.E.M. or Dr Dre melody</u>? <br><br> In this collection you can find over <b>700 ringtones</b> for your Handspring Treo!<br><br> <u>Available collections</u>:<br> <li>Films And TV - 50 ringtones <li>Pop Music - 50 ringtones <li>Beatles - 50 ringtones <li>Classical Music - 50 ringtones <li>70's Music - 50 ringtones <li>National Anthems - 50+ ringtones <li>RAP Music - 50 ringtones <li>Rock and Metal - 50 ringtones <li...Click details for more information.

Visual EMS Palm Edition Website Details
Download Visual EMS Palm Edition today and try it! Visual EMS for the Palm works in conjunction with our Visual EMS (c) PC-based software to give you EMS data collection in the field. Our custom hotsync conduit allows you to send your Palm information to your production database on your server with a single button. The PC-based Visual EMS (c) software is integrated with a host of support applications for managing personnel, equipment, supplies, training, inspections, hydrants and our full featured NFIR...Click details for more information.

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