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2dphone Professional Website Details
<b>2dphone Version 2.5 Professional</b> <br> What’s New in Version 2.5 Professional?<br> 2dphone is back and better than ever. The following new features are the result of our continuous improvement efforts and of our customers’ feedback. For a full feature list, please refer to the “Full Feature List” section later in this document.<br><br> <b>New features in 2dphone include:</b><br> 1) PDA Address Book Lookup, tap the icon on the top of New SMS and View SMS screens to quickly lookup all numbers st...Click details for more information.

2dphone Professional 572k Download Website Details
- Compose SMS messages on your PDA and send them via any mobile phone through IrDA link . Send SMS messages to up to 5 recipients (4 blind copy recipients and one main TO recipient)<br> - Review, delete, and forward sent SMS messages<br> - PDA Address Book Lookup, quickly lookup all numbers stored in your PDA Address Book<br> - CALL function, tap the icon on the RH side of the To: Text Box to call the entered number from your mobile phone<br> - Import SMS messages from your mobile phone to your PDA's me...Click details for more information.

BeamBooks 61k Download Website Details
<h4>IR sync books between Palm organizers!</h4><p> <img SRC="http://appliedthought.com/sync.gif" height=12 width=13>You can HotSync your Palm organizer with your desktop computer, but how come you can't sync your organizer with someone else's?<p> Now you can with <u>BeamBooks</u>. With the press of a single button (just like HotSync) you can synchronize Palm organizers directly, using infrared beaming! You can beam the BeamBooks application to your friends so they can BeamSync with you.<p> Create <...Click details for more information.

BeamLink Website Details
BeamLink is a software package that uses the infrared port on your Palm III to send and receive emails and messages wirelessly from your Palm III via the AccessLink II two-way pager. BeamLink lets you send and receive email and text messages; transfer your address book to your pager; and download, view, and organize pager messages. Two-way messages can be sent via SkyTel or any two-way network. This updated version now supports Text-to-Voice messaging; prints email messages onto an infrared-capable printer;...Click details for more information.

BeamMobile Website Details
Business cards and calendar notes exchange for IR-savvy GSM phones with Address book and Datebook integration plus Sony JogDial and Treo Jog support.<p> Version 2.2 features advanced sending customization, Bluetooth/SMS sending, improved UI and support for Eastern and Central European languages (separate downloads).<p> Freeware. <a href="www.palmgear.com/software/act_redirector3.cfm/TYPEzip/PID30015/BeamMobileen2.2.zip">Download here</a>! (v2.2)...Click details for more information.

Booyah Beam! Website Details
Booyah Beam! is a fun and easy to use ir beaming program that allows any palmos device user to quickly create and send written text and drawn masterpieces to anyother palmos device with Booyah Beam! installed. Keep Booyah Beam! nearby for class, meetings, car and train rides and anywhere else you need to send an instant message to a nearby friend or enemy. ...Click details for more information.

Corsoft Aileron Personal Acces Website Details
Corsoft Aileron Personal Access allows you to securely and easily access your personal and corporate mailboxes while using your Palm OS PDA (including Palm VII) or phone. Send, receive, search and manage email from multiple POP3 and IMAP4 mail accounts worldwide, regardless of network and coverage. View Microsoft Word / Excel and other attachments, as well as send faxes (fax service optional). More effective than syncing and more robust than wireless Web. Installs in minutes with a simple download. ...Click details for more information.

Drag, Compress and Email 903k Download Website Details
Drag, Compress and Email offers an easier and better way to send files by e-mail and helps you save time and costs. The files are compressed before sending, dramatically decreasing the send and receive time and the amount of Internet bandwidth and disk space required. With Drag, Compress and Email you use your favourite e-mail program, your current e-mail account and Internet settings. No configuration is required: just install and send your files! Drag, Compress and Email works with all e-mail clients (Mic...Click details for more information.

eMood Messenger 70k Download Website Details
eMood Messenger application, the first EMS/SMS messenger for Palm OS: <br><br> --> Send and receive EMS/SMS messages: formatted text messages with pictures, animations and melodies<br><br> --> Enhanced Messaging Services (EMS) over Bluetooth on your Palm today and it works!<br><br> --> Support any interface available on Palm device: Serial connection, Infrared or Bluetooth<br><br> --> Exchange messages with EMS/SMS mobile phones and other palm devices<br><br> --> Over one hundred pictures and...Click details for more information.

Eringson Website Details
Eringson is a program which can be used to transfer ring tones via infrared to and from an Ericsson mobile phone. This is the first release, and only basic features, like melody upload, download, and playback, are supported. ...Click details for more information.

EriTones Website Details
Import, beam, receive, playback and organize Ericsson-style ringtones for mobile phones.<br> Now supports MIDI beaming/sending, rectangular screens, keyboards, jogs and Palm 5-way.<br> <br> Freeware. <a href=http://www.palmgear.com/software/act_redirector3.cfm/TYPEzip/PID41150/EriTonesen2.3.zip>Download here</a>! (v2.3)<p> Catalan, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish versions also available at the EriTones website....Click details for more information.

Eudora Internet Suite Website Details
Eudora Internet Suite 1.1 Beta is available for download free of charge and consists of three integrated applications: Eudora® for the Palm Computing® platform, EudoraWeb™ HTML browser, and the Eudora Mail Conduit™. Eudora Internet Suite replaces the pdQsuite product line. Significant enhancement in hotsync capabilities have been made in Eudora Internet Suite 1.1 that were not available in pdQsuite 1.x product releases....Click details for more information.

Fax Website Details
This is an app to send the text present in the clipboad or a MemoPad record to a remote fax machine. BACKUP YOUR PILOT BEFORE TRYING IT...Click details for more information.

HandFax Website Details
HandFAX™ is fax-sending software that runs on all PalmPilot models, from the original Pilot 1000 through the latest Palm III connected organizers. This software allows users to write faxes quickly, and to send Memo Pad documents at the touch of a button....Click details for more information.

HandMail Website Details
HandMail now supports AOL! If you'd like to be able to send and receive e-mail wherever you go, then HandMAIL is for you. Whether you want to keep in touch with your office, friends, or family, HandMAIL makes Internet e-mail easier and more portable than ever. Read and write messages off-line using your PalmPilot or Palm III organizer, then plug in your modem and connect right to your regular Internet Service provider. Send and retrieve e-mail in seconds, without having to synchronize to your desktop com...Click details for more information.

HandStamp Website Details
handStamp is the first native internet emailer for Pilot(tm). A POP/SMTP client with an integrated PPP stack allows you to connect your Pilot directly to a modem, dial in your ISP, and send/retrieve mail without having to hotsync with your desktop....Click details for more information.

HandWeb Website Details
HandWEB™ is a powerful Web browser for PalmPilot-series connected organizers. This software connects right to the Internet to give users the ability to search and surf the Web just as they would from a full-sized desktop computer....Click details for more information.

ICQ for the Palm Preview Website Details
This is a version of ICQ ("I seek you"), the popular, user-friendly Internet program that notifies you in real time when friends or colleagues are online. With ICQ for PalmPilot, you can use an existing ICQ number to register and build your contact list. Once your list is built, you can send messages directly to the screens of your friends, colleagues, and fellow Pilot users. Get messages while you're away from your computer with your PalmPilot....Click details for more information.

InfoRover Personal Edition Website Details
InfoRover Personal Edition delivers news and Web content automatically to your PalmPilot via your PC for offline viewing. Features include free newsbriefs from the Associated Press, Web access using your existing Internet service, grayscale graphics optimized for contrast, improved synchronization across multiple PCs, and a Website Gallery. This version has a limited number of channels. The fee for a one-year subscription is $59.95; a six-month subscription is $29.95. ...Click details for more information.

irLink Website Details
IrLink is a general utility/tool that allows you to re-direct RS-232 communication to IrDA communication without requiring any code changes from the developer. It supports RS-232 re-direct to IrDA communication and RS-232 re-direct to HP Serial IR. By using this tool, you can link your PalmIII and Ericsson SH888 (or other model that compatible with DI27), or Nokia 8810, wirelessly....Click details for more information.

IRP2PChat Website Details
IRP2PChat allows you to chat with multiple persons within the Pilot IR range. You can launch the IRP2PChat application from any application on the other pilot, ask the user to accept a chat request, and go on to the chat screen. You also can send instant messages without disrupting other people's work as well as send text messages. Features include a Whiteboard to sketch and send graphic style messages and play games during the chat session. ...Click details for more information.

IrPrint Suite 217k Download Website Details
<strong><font color="red" size="2"> NEW: IrPrint 1.3 now supports Documents To Go® from DataViz® </strong></font> <p>Use IrPrint to print the files from your Documents To Go® application. Your printout will retain full PC formatting such as <strong>Bold</strong>, Italics, Underlines, Tables, Outlines, Bullets, Justification and even <font color="blue">Color.</font></p> <p>IrPrint is an advanced printing engine for the Palm(TM) OS environment. The application will allow you to print via Infrared or via cab...Click details for more information.

luis Website Details
I am interested in the beam software new version...Click details for more information.

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