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AtomFilms Website Details
Want the latest cool content for your handheld? Visit Atom ToGo for the best animation and live-action short film entertainment for your Palm or Windows Pocket PC handheld device as well as real-time access to online community features via WAP. ...Click details for more information.

AW Art of the XX Century 1.0 Website Details
Art of the XX Century. 500 masterpieces of modern art, sorted by author, with annotations. Features: Easy to use, convenient RoadLingua dictionary shell Extremely fast dictionary browsing Resident mode (Palm OS only): select a word in any text editor or viewer and read the definition Expansion cards support Handspring FlashModule(tm) support Adjustable fonts Adjustable interface layout Search within the offered definitions You can use FREEWARE AW Dictionary M...Click details for more information.

Diddle Website Details
Diddle is a small paint application for the PalmPilot. Its features enable you to perform freehand sketching with user-adjustable smoothing and filtering; to sketch lines, circles, rectangles, ovals, and other shapes; and to insert text in sketches. It offers nine different fill patterns, a full-screen mode, copy and paste functions, a "scratch buffer" for quick doodles, and support for the LinkMaster protocol. ...Click details for more information.

Dinky Pad Website Details
Dinky Pad is best described as a doodler. It lets you draw directly on the screen with your stylus, or use some basic graphics tools for simple image creation...Click details for more information.

FirePublisher Trial 1.0 2460k Download Website Details
FirePublisher is a server application that brings your intranet to handheld devices in the field or on the factory floor. To use FirePublisher, the IT professional simply installs it, “points” it to the intranet Web server, and distributes copies of FireViewer to the staff. You’re done. Any content laid out at the Web server will now appear on any of the FireViewer-equipped Palm devices. Download the free, unregistered version to try FirePublisher for as long as you like. To purchase commercial versions, pl...Click details for more information.

FireViewer - Macintosh 289k Download Website Details
<b>Palm Powered, Platinum Certified, and Customer-Rated<sup>SM</sup>!!!</b> The standard in Palm imaging just got better, with a quality stamp that’s straight from Palm Inc. FireViewer supports video, larger-than-screen graphics, HTML, and hyperlinks for wireless users. Zoom in and out of huge maps, photos and diagrams on your palm. <b>TRY THE FIRECONVERTER VIDEO ENCODER!</b> You've used FireConverter to turn JPEG's and GIF's into FireViewer images - now try the new FireConverter to make your own films! <...Click details for more information.

HD Sketch Website Details
A very complete graphics program for the Pilot that has both desktop and Pilot programs...Click details for more information.

Image Viewer III Website Details
Image Viewer is an application for the PalmPilot. Use it to view scrollable, four-level grayscale images, pictures, maps, or diagrams. Included is a Windows 95 application for converting graphic files in BMP, GIF, JPEG, and other formats to a format that can be hot-synced with the PalmPilot. This is a major update to Image Viewer that includes a preview mode for images larger than the display, an option bar for instant access to some of the more popular features, and manual or alphabetic sorting of the imag...Click details for more information.

Logos for Mobile Phones 1k Download Website Details
Collection of over 500 logos for Nokia and Siemens mobile phones (74x12 pixels). You upload these logos to your phone using MonkeyLogo, NokiGGE or Gfx2Nokia. Now you can change operator icons and caller group logos every day!...Click details for more information.

MagicChart Website Details
MagicChart allows you to draw business charts on your Palm organizer. MagicChart is a program to draw a business chart from a Memopad memo or from the clipboard. The chart can be either a standard point/lines, a pie or a histogram. You can save your most commonly used representations and retrieve them easily....Click details for more information.

Palm Searcher Website Details
Palm Searcher is a program that helps you search for an item or items in the memo, datebook, or address database of your PalmPilot. You can search strings with your choice of list mode. Palm Searcher also has a Graffiti function that lets you see what you're writing. The updated version lets you search for strings in the internal datebook. ...Click details for more information.

PalmSmear Website Details
PalmSmear is a real-time morphing program that includes a Smear Manager and Editor. With PalmSmear, you can create animations with just a few taps. If you've got infrared capabilities, you can beam your animation to others. You can morph the celebrity samples or create images to morph from your JPEG collection with the PalmSmearDroplet. This updated version fixes some severe bugs and improves the brushing speed a bit. ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Artist 2.6 Website Details
Pocket Artist delivers the powerful features you'd expect from desktop image editing software in an easy-to-use artistic solution for Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, and other Windows CE devices. With Pocket Artist, you can edit and retouch photos and images, add text and special effects, create web graphics, and much more! Create, open, edit, and save your PSD, JPG, GIF, or BMP images on-the-go! Key Features - Pocket PC and Handheld PC compatible - 24-bit color editing - PSD/JPG/GIF/BMP - Painting tools - Photo...Click details for more information.

Quickwriting Website Details
Quikwriting is several times faster than Graffiti, and lets you write very fast without ever picking your stylus up off the surface, although it has the disadvantage that you need to learn a special alphabet. ...Click details for more information.

ScratchPad Website Details
A nifty little utility that allows you to draw on any of 9 virtual scratch areas....Click details for more information.

Simple Sketch Website Details
SimpleSketch is a simple drawing program for Palm.<br> <br> Features include: <ul> <li>Draw/Sketch diagrams, maps, quick notes, etc. <li>Drawing Tools: <ul> <li>Paintbrush, 7 brush shapes <li>Eraser, 2 sizes <li>Line tool, 2 sizes <li>Rectangle tool, filled, empty, rounded corners, square corners <li>Text tool, 3 fonts</li> </ul> <li>Lists all drawings with thumbnails in List View <li>Support for 15 categories. <li>Supports IR beaming of drawing...Click details for more information.

SketchPad Website Details
SketchPad is a simple drawing program that has the look and feel of the PalmPilot's built-in MemoPad. It's almost like sketching with pencil and paper. Titles can be assigned to sketches, and the sketches can be categorized. A sketch becomes a frame in an animation sequence. With version 2.0, animation parameters allow you to set speed, direction, and looping; you can back up the SketchPad database to the desktop; and you can export sketches to Windows BMP format using the SketchPad Desktop Viewer. ...Click details for more information.

SuperNote Website Details
SuperNote is designed to enable you to take electronic notes. SuperNote allows for advanced speed over taking notes on a pad, with time/date insert functions, insert databases, and the ability to save, backup and review previous notes.<br><br><b>SuperNote for the PalmOS</b><br>A tool for taking freehand and Graffiti notes on your PalmPilot. The PalmOS component is the best available solution for taking electronic notes. Insert Databases, resizable views and multiple ...Click details for more information.

TealPaint Website Details
Unmatched in features, performance, and usability, TealPaint is the most feature-packed paint and sketch program on the Pilot, offering horizontal and vertical scrolling, animation, custom buttons, compression, 16 drawing tools, 16 patterns, and 12 brushes. Features color support on color Palm devices, magnified draw, grid snap, ovals, text, screen-grab, and more. Includes Windows import, export, and print utility. ...Click details for more information.

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