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SuperNames™ for Palm OS® Website Details
Supercharge your address book! Super Names adds over a dozen new fields to each name card, along with the ability to link names to each other. You can also link to appointment and to do tasks, access to your recently accessed names, as well as a host of other Address Book enhancements....Click details for more information.

Symmetry Pro Website Details
Symmetry Pro is a revolutionary software service that will liberate you from the limitations of traditional e-mail. Symmetry Pro gives you secure, wireless access to your corporate email from your Palm OS or Pocket PC PDA. To see the difference wireless e-mail can make, download and use Symmetry Pro free for 30 days. It’s easy to install Infowave Symmetry Pro – no technical expertise required. Within minutes, you'll be sending and receiving e-mails, managing your calendar and more. SymmetryPro instantly fo...Click details for more information.

TealGlance Website Details
This application gives pops up a 'quick view' window at power-up showing commonly-needed information such as: Day of Week Date Time (Digital) Time (Analog) Battery Level Indicator (New!) Upcoming Datebook appointments TealGlance provides an "at-a-glance" view of important information such as date, time, ToDo notes and more....Click details for more information.

TealPaint 5.00 Website Details
The ultimate paint and sketch program on Palm OS handhelds, TealPaint, from TealPoint Software, is unmatched in both performance and usability, offering capabilities previously only available on a desktop. Features include color and grayscale support, text, magnified draw, 16 drawing tools, 16 patterns, 12 brushes, horizontal and vertical scrolling, animation, programmable buttons, image compression, grid snap, image templates, background locking, screen-grab tool, and more. Also included is a desktop image...Click details for more information.

The Twelve Step Essays Of Alco 82k Download Website Details
The twelve step essays from the A.A. book, Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions. It presents an explicit view of the principles by which Alcoholics Anonymous members recover. Bookmarked by chapter. In DOC/*.pdb/ZIP format....Click details for more information.

Tides Website Details
Tide tables for your PalmPilot No more checking the paper before you head to the beach. Includes both a Macintosh application and a Windows application for converting tide tables which can be downloaded from the web into PalmPilot databases. Version 1.1 adds support for current tables in addition to dive tables, adds a small icon for OS 3.x, and includes some bug fixes to the TideWin/TideMac tide conversion tool. ...Click details for more information.

TinySheet version 2.5 French 44k Download Website Details
Votre Tableur Puissant toujours et partout! TinySheet ressemble votre tableur Excel pour Palm. Maintenant vous avez avec vous vos feuilles de calculs PC sur vous. Utilisez TinySheet pour de simples opérations comme maintenir vos listes ou bien réalisez des calculs financiers complexes. TinySheet est parfait pour tous ceux qui analysent toujours, partout et dans toute situation! Caractéristiques : -Importer et exporter les feuilles de calculs ( fichiers avec tabulations, avec virgules en vale...Click details for more information.

TinySheet version 2.53 48k Download Website Details
<img src="http://www.iambic.com/icons/animicon2.gif" width=22 height=22 border=0> TinySheet is the <b>award winning, full-featured Excel-like</b> spreadsheet for Palm devices. Now carry your PC spreadsheets with you. Use TinySheet for anything from making sophisticated financial calculations and comparisons to simple tasks, like keeping lists. TinySheet is perfect for "what-if" analysis <b>anytime, anywhere,</b> and in any situation! <p> <b>Capabilities include:</b> <br> <li>Imports and exports spread...Click details for more information.

Tracer 312k Download Website Details
<p>Create and run your own barcode enabled application in minutes. A customizable speed entry option allows you to skip fields that remain the same for repeat entries. Collected data can be HotSynced to Access and Excel!!! </p> <p>Create and run your own barcode enabled application in minutes. A customizable speed entry option allows you to skip fields that remain the same for repeat entries. Collected data can be HotSynced to Access and Excel!!! </p> <p><b>Portable Technology Solutions, LLC</b> introdu...Click details for more information.

TracerPlus - Standard 2535k Download Website Details
Collect the information you need more effectively using TracerPlus bar code enabled palm software. With TracerPlus, asset management, inventory control, and many other data collection tasks are fast and easy. <br> No programming knowledge is needed - just fill in your familiar forms, like asset inspection and mate...Click details for more information.

WeekView Website Details
Provides a week-at-a-glance view of events and Todo's from the built-in databases. <p> <b>Features:</b> Selective integration of Todo's, one or two week or 3-day display with text, details dialog for each day, custom week numbers, direct access to datebook application ...Click details for more information.

WhatsOn Website Details
WhatsOn allows you to download and display TV listing data in a grid format on your Palm. Carry your TV guide schedule with you everywhere bring your PalmPilot! Lightweight, yet feature-rich, WhatsOn was developed specifically to view TV listing data. It is composed of three separate components that: download the latest information from the world wide web, HotSync the data to your Palm Organizer, and display it in grid format for handheld viewing. The schedule data is entered in a simple text format on your...Click details for more information.

WPM Website Details
WPM is a simple program that calculates your writing speed, using Graffiti, on your Pilot...Click details for more information.

XML PalmPilot Applications Website Details
Uses X-Tract, a fully-featured XML processor, to convert PalmPilot address data into XML. The sample scripts included with this package convert the XML into other XML formats, HTML or legacy formats, and provide working examples of CGI, mail client and console outputs. The data handling is controlled by XML Script, a full programming language optimized for handling XML. This download includes full documentation for XML Script and X-Tract v1.0. ...Click details for more information.

Zaval Advanced TV Guide 363k Download Website Details
Zaval Advanced TV Guide (also known as ATV) is a small and nifty program that allows TV schedule viewing with your PDA, so you will be always informed on what's on TV. With our product you can do TV programs tracking and much more!<br><br> Zaval Advanced TV Guide is easy to use software with user-friendly interface and rich set of features to manage and control TV programs. Now it has parse-and-download modules for:<br> <ul> <li>Euro TV (http://www.eurotv.com)</li> <li>TV Today ...Click details for more information.

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