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PalmStats 131k Download Website Details
PalmStats™ is a full-featured statistical analysis program written specifically for the Palm Platform. PalmStats™ calculates over 40 statistical values on two data sets of up to 100 points each. The results are displayed both numerically and graphically to provide the most complete answers. Features and Functions: Statistical calculations include: Mean, Standard deviation, Standard error of the Mean, Variance, Minimum, Maximum, Range, Sum, and Skewness. Histogram and Scatter Plots may b...Click details for more information.

Par - Wireless Supply Chain 175k Download Website Details
Automate your Supply Chain operations. Wireless enable your warehouse. Mobile enable your staff. Numbers Only offers @Par - a suite of products that leverages your existing enterprise systems (PeopleSoft, SAP, BaaN, Lawson, Legacy Systems, Internet Applications) to emnpower your with easy to use handheld applications. @Par can port your applications onto handheld devices. Build using XML, SOAP, .Net @Par server ships with a user management, reporting, and standard enterprise connectors. Contact Jack Pederse...Click details for more information.

PassWallet 14k Download Website Details
PassWallet is a simple program for quick references to sensitive information like PIN numbers, accounts, passwords, alarm codes and more. PassWallet keeps all your data encoded with a secret code (password). The decoding password is only in your head and therefore could not be hacked even by having physical possession of the device itself. Export to memopad is added. The encrypted database is saved during HotSync process. ...Click details for more information.

Password Store™ for Palm OS® Website Details
Password Store keeps all your passwords in one secure place on your Palm OS for easy access. Tap on any of the descriptions to bring up a screen with its password. You can also password protect Password Store, to keep all of your important codes safe. Add a note to a Password Store entry to store additional information. When you perform a HotSync, all of your Password Store information will be backed up. You will find the backup information in the Backup folder on your PC. The Password St...Click details for more information.

PawLogic 31k Download Website Details
<p>PawLogic is a program for manipulating boolean expressions. The program handles both expressions in propositional logic and quantified boolean formulae (QBF).</p> <p>PawLogic lets you work and experiment with logic. If you are a student of logic, you get a valuable tool to aid you in your studies. If you are a professional working with logic, you get an always accessible logic program for you to use whether at the office, at home or on the move. And if you are just interested in the world of logic, he...Click details for more information.

Periodic Table™ for Palm OS® Website Details
Check the elements and compute formulas with this complete table of the periodic elements! You can also compute the weight of formulas after viewing the details of an element....Click details for more information.

Photogather Luxury Website Details
Photogaher Luxury is a package offers the full solution for photography. With this extraordinary software, you can scan photo, download picture from camera and edit them on your PC. Then you can display your works on either Palm or PC as you need. Features on PC Distinctive 3D windows interface Cool and useful image enhancing feature Easy Sharing Options Powerful photo organization fucntion Great support to camera and scanner Great support to pressure-sensitive tablets Features on Palm ...Click details for more information.

Pilot & Aviation Dictionary (P Website Details
PAD is a powerful tool for pilots, controllers and aviation enthusiasts, that provides a listing of the most common terms and acronyms related to aviation. <br><br> Features include: Aviation terms and acronyms (including chart & weather codes), cloud base calculator, morse code, METAR/TAF codes, weather codes & symbols, SNOWTAMS, transponder codes, airport beacons, airport signal lights, speed, length & temperature conversion, NOTAMS, ARTCC "Centers", aviation timeline, standard atmosphere, phonetic alph...Click details for more information.

Pitch Counter Website Details
Track pitching statistics and monitor pitch velocity in real-time with Pitch Counter! From Little League to Major League baseball, parents, coaches, and scouts can use Pitch Counter to track the progress of their children, pitching staff, and pitching prospects.<br><br> Numerous pitching statistics can be tracked during games such as pitch count (total number of pitches thrown during the game by your pitcher), pitch type count (fastballs, curves, etc.), strikeouts, hits, walks, innings pitched, and earne...Click details for more information.

Pocket Language Teacher Englis Website Details
Pocket Language Teacher allows instant word translation and reverse translation. - You can see all the words in the dictionary on the Main List. - You can see all possible translations of the selected word in the Translations List. You can get the reverse translation by doubleclicking on the word in this list. - To find a word in the dictionary, just start typing it in the Input Line. A word beginning with the input letters will appear on the screen. - You can change the direction of translation by pres...Click details for more information.

Pocket Language Teacher Foreig Website Details
Pocket Language Teacher allows instant word translation and reverse translation. - You can see all the words in the dictionary on the Main List. - You can see all possible translations of the selected word in the Translations List. You can get the reverse translation by doubleclicking on the word in this list. - To find a word in the dictionary, just start typing it in the Input Line. A word beginning with the input letters will appear on the screen. - You can change the direction of translation by pres...Click details for more information.

PocketLog Website Details
Introducing Tescina's PocketLog™ data collection software for Quality Engineers in manufacturing organizations. The PocketLog data collection software can acquire and track data on the factory floor.<br> Make your SPC data work for you. If you are waiting a week or more to see the latest SPC data you risk wasting thousands of dollars worth of labor and materials. PocketLog™ software moves SPC data from the factory floor to the PC at the end of every shift. The analysis of the data can be fed back to the f...Click details for more information.

PocketSat 202k Download Website Details
Have you ever looked up just after sunset or before sunrise and watched a steady light moving slowly across the night sky? It may well have been a man-made satellite, many of which are visible to the naked eye - if you know when and where to look. PocketSat is an application that allows you to predict when satellites will be visible in your location, or to identify one that you happen to have seen. ...Click details for more information.

Process Ace Steam Properties 382k Download Website Details
Accurate steam tables for your Palm OS 3.1 to 5.x device using <b>Process Ace Steam Properties!</b> Our popular steam table program calculates thermodynamic and transport properties of steam for pressures between 0.08865 and 2398.45 psia (0.0061 and 165.37 Bar) and temperatures between 32.022 and 1472 °F (0.01 and 800 °C). This is an invaluable tool for students, instructors or anyone working in the field of Process, Mechanical or Power Engineering. <BR> <BR> <BR> Our steam tables calculate properti...Click details for more information.

Production Software Website Details
Aviation and Educational software for the Palm OS. Applications include: Pilot Aviation Dictionary (PAD), Quik Codes (QCodes), Airport Codes (APCodes), Airport Signs (APSigns) and more......Click details for more information.

P-Sat/T-Sat, Steam Tables in Y 28k Download Website Details
Steam Tables in Your Palm! P-Sat/T-Sat calculates the saturated steam or water pressure for a given temperature and vice versa. Typical users are engineers, industrial process operators, and power plant personnel. Because the program uses the PocketC Runtime shell, the PocketC.prc application must reside on the host computer. For your convenience, a copy of the free PocketC shareware application is bundled with T-Sat/P-Sat. ...Click details for more information.

Pump Calculations 436k Download Website Details
<b>Pump Calculations is an essential application for any Process Engineer or Mechanical Engineer working with centrifugal pump installations.</b> <BR> <BR> From the main form of the of this engineering application calculate: <BR> <BR> <LI>Discharge pressure (or differential head) <LI>Power consumption <LI>Torque <LI>Incompressible temperature rise (estimate) <LI>Specific speed <BR> <BR> Also, use other options included with the application to calculate: <BR> <BR> <LI>NPSH available <LI>Suct...Click details for more information.

QuickID 772k Download Website Details
QuickID is an easy-to-use Palm supplement that securely encrypts and protects ANY sensitive information (PINs, passwords, accounts, etc.) with just ONE Master Password. Whether you're on the road or away from your files, you can now effectively manage all of your private, valuable information from one secure, central repository. With QuickID your most sensitive information is safe, secure, and accessible ... but only to the owner of the one Master Password! QuickID has been designed in an extremely us...Click details for more information.

Solitaires 304k Download Website Details
Webvisia gathered all the greatest solitaire card games in the Solitaires pack. This pack is for all of you who love the classical solitaire card games and have eagerly waited to play them on their Palm devices! PalmOS 5.0 compatible!...Click details for more information.

SpellMan™ for Palm OS® Website Details
SpellMan allows you to check and correct misspelled words on your Palm OS® device. To spell check a group of text, go to the beginning of the text and double tap on the first word that you would like to check. SpellMan will continue to check the rest of your document until you tap 'Cancel', or SpellMan runs out of misspelled words....Click details for more information.

STAT E&M Coder Website Details
HCFA Evaluation & Management Coding STAT E&M Coder is a unique application that guides you through the HCFA 1997 Evaluation and Management coding algorithms to arrive at the correct level of service that you have documented for an office visit, hospital visit, inpatient or outpatient consultation, emergency department encounter, etc. It works like an interactive reference card and runs on any PalmPilot handheld organizer. The general multisystem exam is included along with the ten organ specific exams ...Click details for more information.

Steam Turbine Calculations 308k Download Website Details
<b>Estimate the performance of process steam turbines using Steam Turbine Calculations! Now Palm OS 3.1 to 5.x compliant.</b> <BR> <BR> Using our program calculate: <BR> <BR> <LI>Turbine inlet and exhaust properties <LI>Turbine efficiency <LI>Theoretical and actual steam rates <LI>Turbine power, or, <LI>Turbine steam consumption <LI>Inlet and exhaust steam superheat <BR> <BR> Steam Turbine Calculations uses the same accurate steam tables as our other popular product, <i><A HREF="http://www...Click details for more information.

Sun Clock Website Details
Shows areas of day and night on a world map. Night shadow changes shape with the seasons....Click details for more information.

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