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Formulas for Palm OS® Website Details
Formulas allows you to make calculations and conversions quickly and easily on your Palm OS device. You can calculate currency exchanges, loan payments, metric conversions, find area codes for any part of the United States and even determine your tip amount! ...Click details for more information.

Free Agenda Design
Gas Fired Heater Calculations 333k Download Website Details
<BR> <b>Gas Fired Heater Calculations (for Palm OS 3.1 to 5.0) is our latest application for any Process Engineer or Mechanical Engineer working with gas fired heater installations.</b> <BR> <BR> <p class=MsoNormal><b style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'><span style='color:blue'>NOW SUPPORTS NUMERICAL INPUT AND OUTPUT FORMAT BASED ON THE COUNTRY SETTING OF YOUR HANDHELD! <o:p></o:p></span></b> <BR> <BR> The application has five <i>results</i> forms providing following information: <P> Results 1 ...Click details for more information.

Global Holidays Website Details
Global Holidays is an application that shows a user, a list of all the national holidays (which it is capable of downloading through the Internet), in some of the major countries of the world, for both current and next year. The user can view these holidays either on a month-by-month basis or all at the same time....Click details for more information.

Grocery List 5.7 Website Details
Take control of your Grocery Expenses Save 20% off the normal price of $9.99. Impulse buying of items while shopping for your weekly groceries plays havoc with budgets. Most people will use a Grocery List as a reminder so they can quickly get into and out of the Supermarket without buying items that remain unused in their pantry for months. Use your PDA as a tool to save time and money With Grocery List 5.7 by Rustlers Creek and your Palm OS® powered PDA you can easily compile a...Click details for more information.

HandApps Field Sales 2.5 4064k Download Website Details
Create Sales Documents in the field (Quotes, Orders, Invoices) with unlimited items per document. Select customer ship-to-addresses, add comments, choose warehouse locations and more. Perform product lookups and book more sales by having answers to customers questions. *Note: Requires Access 2000+ on Workstation or Server(Run-time License is OK). Supports printing to both IR and serial printers, Symbol bar-code scanners/devices, wireless and cradle based sync. Interfaces to Microsoft Access/SQL dat...Click details for more information.

HandWrite Website Details
HandWrite enables you to handwrite short notes using your normal style of handwriting instead of Graffiti. HandWrite gives you three choices of ink thickness and the ability to create, delete, erase, and time-stamp pages. HandWrite is perfect for those times when you need to write a really quick note without worrying about Graffiti recognition. ...Click details for more information.

Handy Randy Website Details
There are all sorts of uses for random numbers, ranging from the frivolous (playing games) to the serious (handing out prizes at events such as running races) to the ultra-serious (performing business audits). Handy Randy is the ultimate random number software for the PalmPilot, easy to use but with features galore. ...Click details for more information.

Help Desk on the Go Website Details
Support engineers and helpdesk administrators use HOG to efficiently track the work they perform in the field, the resolutions to customer problems and the time they spend on each issue....Click details for more information.

HotView 30k Download Website Details
View high-quality newsgroup pictures on your Palm. <BR><BR> HotView is the first full-featured image viewer designed specifically for private viewing of newsgroup pictures on your Palm.<BR> Features Include: <UL> <LI>Organize and Manage Images <LI>Runs on Almost Any Palm OS Device <LI><B>Password</B> Protection for Private Viewing <LI>Store Images on <B>SD Card</B> and Sony <B>Memory Stick</B> <LI>Powerful <B>Slideshow</B> and Browsing Features <LI>Use Sony Jog-Dial and Tungsten's 5-Way Navig...Click details for more information.

HTML Suite Website Details
An HTML parser that runs on Intel-based PCs; A less up-to-date parser that runs on Macintoshes; A browser that runs on the Pilot; and A PointCast news parser that runs on Intel-based PCs....Click details for more information.

Impulse Website Details
Beat composing instrument for work-outs...Click details for more information.

Infowave Symmetry Pro
Investigative Software for Pal 19k Download Website Details
Track and analyze your investigations using this unique tracking system. Guaranteed! Used by federal and state investigators as part of their case and trial preparation. Easy to use and install on your handheld. Many other applications designed for use by investigators, including Case Management, Lead Management, Subpoena Tracking, Background Investigations, Computer Crime Investigator's Checklist, Medical Fraud, Field Interview, and many more. ...Click details for more information.

IQ Test 18k Download Website Details
This is a standard European intelligence test. It measures IQs from 75 to 174. It consists of 33 questions divided into 5 parts. The time limit for this test is 20 minutes. <br><br> Demo Version won't give you results of test. <br><br> First part of the test has 8 questions and for each question there is a field that you have to fill in. All other parts of the test show one question at a time. Picture at the center of the screen is the question, and the pictures at the bottom are possible solutions. U...Click details for more information.

IT-trac 142k Download Website Details
<p><b>Overview</b><br> IT-trac is Palm based application designed to empower a Information Technology Professional with the ability to track the changes made to a organizations network infrastructure. IT-trac maintains all information on a network, from hardware and software, to Local and Wide Area Network connectivity.</p> <p>IT-trac has undergone several major modifications since the first beta. This version should be easier to navigate and much more powerful. In response to user feedback we adde...Click details for more information.

Jerusalem Post
Lefty Website Details
Lefty is an application for the PalmPilot that sets or unsets a "Lefty Preference" option. Lefty-savvy apps (see related link below) can read this preference and rearrange the graphical interface to make it more usable with the left hand. ...Click details for more information.

MEGA PACK Website Details
Get a Chess program, English dictionary, alarm clock, solitaire card game, scientific calculator, Bible reader, gas mileage calculator, password manager, mixed drinks guide, and unit converter for an unbelievably low price!...Click details for more information.

MrCar - Car Expenses on your P Website Details
MrCar - Car Expenses on your Palm (PalmOS PDA) The MrCar is a Palm application to trace your complete car expenses. This program allows car owners to organize and manage any car expenses, business or personal trips, car fueling, parking, maintenance and service stops, penalties, etc. Product URL: http://MrCar.m-region.com Screen Shot URL: http://MrCar.m-region.com/mrcar_shots.gif PRODUCT DETAILS The MrCar allows car owners to organize and manage all car expenses to keep an eye on spending ...Click details for more information.

OstaraMobile Field Reporter Pro
OstaraMobile Field Reporter Pr Website Details
The OstaraMobile Field Reporter® enables design firm project managers and field personnel to efficiently create and edit field reports while in the field. As a design-specific tool to capture site information and project data, the Field Reporter streamlines the manner in which field reports are produced. After synchronizing their PDA with their Field Reporter database, users can view and edit information gathered in the field on their PCs, print this information onto their firm's standard field report templ...Click details for more information.

Palm Circuits Website Details
A quick reference for the electronic hobbiest. Features include a resistor color code chart, 555 / 556 timer pin outlines, and ohm's law. ...Click details for more information.

Palm III Converter Pro Website Details
Palm III Convertor Pro is an easy to use customizable scientific conversions application. The application has 15 different categories and holds more than 200 different conversion factors. The program provides the following categories: length, area, weight, volume, power, time, angle, pressure, temperature, energy, force, density, velocity, acceleration, and scientific prefixes. All categories and factors are fully editable. The application supports double precision math, scientific notation input and output...Click details for more information.

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