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Palm m100 always loses data w/ battery change!?!
palm pilot
Me too...


Me too...




5/1/2003 3:09:19 AM


My two year old m100 loses data on every battery change. It didn't used to.

My guess is that there is a component (capacitor or built-in battery) that holds charge when you change the batteries. I think that this component may have a limited lifespan.

I have the following from Palm website(paraphrased): First, don't use rechargable batteries. There's nothing in the documentation to say "don't do this", but it looks like the m100 can't survive with the lower output that rechargables give.

Once you're on disposable batteries, try the following:
Switch the unit off
Leave for one minute
Change the batteries within sixty seconds
Leave the unit for one minute
Switch the unit on

If the palm resets then you have a hardware problem.

I'm currently at this stage. Palm have asked for 85 to replace my m100 with a reconditioned unit. Since I can buy a Sony SL10 (8MB, 320x320 display) new for 100, you will probably understand why I don't think that this is a good deal.

I'll keep you posted if I find out any more.

- S

5/27/2003 5:47:12 AM
Post Email: v.gompel@hccnet.nl
Subject: same problem here

I starts to sound boring, but I am also starting to face the same problem with my 2 year's old m100. From the reactions read, this seems to be a structural problem. When my batteries run out againin 1,5 month time, I'll consider to solder an additional capacitor over the battery contacts. Meanwhile I'll figure out the proper dimensioning for this capacitor. This should solve the problem for $1-2.
6/2/2003 8:33:34 AM
Post Email: v.gompel@hccnet.nl
Post Subject: more info

Further searching the internet made clear to me that there is a structural problem with the backup capacitor of the m100. Further details, including replacement part stock numbers, I found on the URL below: http://www.rahul.net/rhn/palmfaq.txt -- Q: How do I change my Palm m100's AAA batteries safely? A: According to the Palm documentation, you have one minute to change batteries, which should be easy if you the new batteries unwrapped, correctly oriented, and within easy reach. Make sure you put the batteries in with the correct orientation, one + terminal in each direction. Many Palm units will hold data for a lot longer than 1 minute, but don't count on it. If you cannot change batteries at all without losing data (repeatably; absolutely under 1 minute; and you've made sure the batteries are actually good by testing them with a voltmeter), you could have a damaged Palm (might be a dead backup capacitor, maybe a 0.10F 5.5v SGtype; maybe Panasonic EECS0HD104H or Digikey part number P6952-ND or P6972-ND, depending on which model of Palm/Pilot). --
8/8/2003 5:43:37 AM
Post Email: jadams@cs.wright.edu
Post Subject: Same problem

I've got the same problem. In my case, I bought a 105 board to replace my 100 board. But since getting it, I have to reload every time I replace batteries. Have you tried the off one minute trick? How about changing batteries when 3/4 empty? Any luck on a capacitor? Where does it go? Thanks, Jim

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