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New Line of Software for PalmOS Devices help Asthma sufferers breathe a little easier.


New Line of Software for PalmOS Devices help Asthma sufferers breathe a little easier.






4/4/2001 7:31:20 AM


FireLogic, Inc., a software solutions company, announced today the release of the first in a new line of software products for the PalmOS based on its HealthEngage Technology Platform. “PalmOS handheld devices allow people to carry and access their most critical information with them wherever they go. There are over 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic diseases, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, etc. who must regularly use medical devices in their homes. They would greatly benefit by using HealthEngage and a PalmOS device to keep track of their health. The mobility of a PalmOS device makes health management anywhere, anytime possible.” said Michael Slage, FireLogic’s President. HealthEngage Asthma is a software application that allows users to track their health data using the home equipment they already have. Typically, asthma and chronic disease sufferers, are asked by their physicians to keep track of their peak flow meter readings, asthma attacks, and the medication they’ve taken using a paper diary. The patient would then bring that diary to their doctor for analysis. HealthEngage-Asthma eliminates the need for that paper diary. Now asthma sufferers simply enter their vital data onto their PalmOS device, they can then either bring their PalmOS device with them to their doctor’s appointment, or synchronize it with their desktop version of HealthEngage and print out charts, graphs and reports to bring to their doctor’s, or using the desktop software they can upload it to a HealthEngage secure server, where it is stored for viewing by the patient, their caregiver, or their doctor anywhere in the world via the Internet. A version of HealthEngage for wireless PalmOS devices is expected to be released within a few weeks and remove the need for synchronizing with the desktop application. According to FireLogic’s CEO Irena Slage, “HealthEngage is particularly well suited for children with asthma or other chronic conditions who are very comfortable with using computers and can feel more in control of their health management. Disease management using HealthEngage applications can enhance their quality of living, may detect early signs of a worsening condition, and help prevent hospitalization.” “Health Data can be inputted from a variety of sources, Desktop, Laptop, Palm, or Mobile phone and then uploaded to a secure data repository which the user can then access to chart and analyze their condition. This multi-platform/multi-connectivity approach allows users to construct a complete picture of their health to share with their doctors which can help them make better diagnoses and lead to better outcomes for patients.” said Michael Slage, FireLogic’s President. The HealthEngage solution is a 100% Java web and wireless-web based suite of platform-independent applications designed with leading health experts to manage, collect, store, and chart vital health data. The PalmOS version has been optimized to run under Sun’s current PalmOS Java Virtual Machine. HealthEngage Asthma comes bundled with the latest version of the Sun Java Virtual Machine. HealthEngage Asthma has been developed in coordination with leading asthma physicians and medical professionals to provide the most valuable tool for asthma treatment and management available. HealthEngage Asthma is the only software application currently available that allows asthmatics to collect, manage, and see your peak flow measurements, medication requirements, and personal observations or notes. Asthma management has never been easier! Future versions of the HealthEngage will include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Weight Loss/Fitness Management. HealthEngage Asthma for PalmOS is available for purchase and immediate download from the company’s web site http://www.HealthEngage.com. Buy HealthEngage Asthma: Palm OS Edition before April 15th and get $20 off the regular price. The Desktop Edition is automatically included. There is also a fully functioning 15 day trial version available for Download.

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