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6/27/2000 3:34:19 PM


Discuss software products for Palm Devices.

Date Topic Posts
2/23/01   AOL Hotsync - I'm unable to hotsync my AOL mail wiht my Palm IIIxe. Is there a conduit/...Read More 1
2/20/01   Simcity Manual needed - Can anyone please e-mail me a copy of the SimCity for the Palm P...Read More 1
2/15/01   STAT E&M Coder: - I am very interested in obtaining the above program to be tested by s...Read More 1
2/10/01   PalmPool: - What is this game?...Read More 1
2/9/01   avantgo and Mac problem - I have an iMac and have had problems only when using AVANTGO. ...Read More 1
2/5/01   PalmPilot Desktop Upgrade: - i recently inherited a series 2 palm and series 3 desktop ...Read More 1
2/2/01   MultiMail Pro with Yahoo! Mail Help Needed - Help! I have MultiMail Pro/Conduit. I'm abl...Read More 1
1/22/01   Time Keeping Software - Is there any compatable time keeping software that can be added ...Read More 1
1/15/01   AreaCoder: - discuss different palm applications...Read More 1
1/9/01   HandMap : - Hello...Read More 1
1/9/01   Anyone using Citikey? - Has anyone out there successfully got Citikey to work? I regis...Read More 1
1/7/01   handweb - How do I obtain this software?...Read More 1
1/2/01   Vehicle Log: - Please send me (via e-mail) more information on the Vehicle Log program ...Read More 1
12/19/00   Footprints 4.5 Wireless for Palm VIIx Handheld - FootPrints extended to the Wireless Web...Read More 1
12/10/00   Job scheduling - I am looking for a program for a Palm III or Palm IV that will alow me ...Read More 1
12/7/00   Coola for Netscape browsers - Coola user's asked for it and now they've got it! Creatin...Read More 1
12/6/00   ClockPro: - hola...Read More 1
11/29/00   powerOne Scientific: - Im looking for a calculator for my palm IIIxe that can do simple...Read More 1
11/27/00   BugMe Messenger - There's a new version with wireless messaging capabilities at http://b...Read More 1
11/9/00   FreeCell: - I tried this game... if unable to win it, you keep getting the same game ov...Read More 1
11/7/00   Not Keeping Correct Date - My Palm III looses track of the date after 2 days of none use...Read More 1
10/31/00   real estate appraisal - I am interested in finding someone who has or is interested in d...Read More 1
10/17/00   Looking to expand functionality of shortcuts - I own the Handspring Visor Deluxe. I'm l...Read More 1
10/16/00   Docs to Go - I have been trying to figure out how to use some palm software on my PC. F...Read More 2
10/11/00   LightHack: - Is something like this available for the Palm IIIc. I use Peanut Reader, ...Read More 1

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