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Handspring Visor


Handspring Visor


9/20/1999 3:50:56 PM


Handspring Corp. and the Visor Palm-licensed device.

Date Topic Posts
4/30/03   error message - I'm getting an error message when I hot sync. Error: 4Loading Category ...Read More 1
4/30/03   handspring treo - ...Read More 1
4/29/02   Help w/hotsync & Windows XP - Has anyone had any trouble syncing your Visor to Windows X...Read More 1
2/9/02   synching handspring with lotus org 6 ? - does anyone know which app will synch Visor (de...Read More 1
12/12/01   Innogear Sucks at customer service - ...Read More 1
8/20/01   PCMCIA Software for Compact Flash - The Springboard expansion slot has the same pin conn...Read More 1
5/2/01   Participate in research project! - <b>Participate in research project!</b> <br><br> Th...Read More 1
3/16/01   Handspring Visor - Why do you think many college students have been purchasing PDA's and...Read More 1
12/13/00   Cameras and Visor - What type of Palm device do I need to display color photos on my pal...Read More 1
11/30/00   Price for Palm Software Development - Greetings! If you or your company are a softwar...Read More 1
11/4/00   visor/Dell webpc usb hotsync problem - I have yet to be able to sync my new Visor with m...Read More 1
10/30/00   10% off Handspring Visor - If you are interested in purchasing a Handspring Visor, pleas...Read More 2
10/25/00   uploading ROM - Does anyone know how I can upload the POS ROM to my desktop computer so ...Read More 1
9/17/00   citytime - I live in Kuala Lumpur and set the handspring visor at welcome to Hong Kong t...Read More 2
7/21/00   Battery Question - handspring says that you should use alkaline batteries, but I have th...Read More 4
7/15/00   Trouble syncing Visor to IBM Thinkpad - I just bought a Handspring Visor Deluxe. I have...Read More 1
6/18/00   Ice is Nice - I luv my week old Visor Deluxe (ice). i've already filled up half the mem...Read More 1
1/5/00   Hanspring worth trying! - I recently purchased a Handspring Visor Deluxe and have h...Read More 1
11/23/99   Visor is it worth it? - I just got my Visor, after waiting 48 days it is finally here! T...Read More 1
10/19/99   Concerns about Visor - ...Read More 8

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