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Palm III


Palm III


7/21/1999 10:49:57 PM


Palm III hardware.

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7/26/03   Palm IIIc inaccurate screen tap - Over the last several months, my Palm IIIc has develop...Read More 1
4/21/03   Cheap Palm IIIxe $35 BlueJamboo.com - Recently, I dropped my palm VX off my sailboat. I ...Read More 1
3/27/02   Random "Fatal Error" - Randomly my Palm Pilot IIIxe goes in to "Fatal Error". The only ...Read More 2
1/31/02   Broken III, data lost ? - I broke the glass screen (only) on my Palm IIIxe , can I t...Read More 1
12/26/01   hotsync - Need help connecting to computer. Successfully loaded on computer cannot conn...Read More 1
11/27/01   Palm III Problem with Screen Display - I went to use my Palm III and the original "Palm ...Read More 2
11/27/01   Palm III - ...Read More 1
9/17/01   Palm III with Hot Synch, in box for sale - Includes free software, Mega Doc for viewing ...Read More 1
6/14/01   Palm Keyboard Question - I just got the Palm Portable Keyboard. I'm noticing a large nu...Read More 1
6/8/01   Refubrished Palms - Have some one experienced with Refubrished Palms?...Read More 2
5/25/01   Repair Glass - PalmIIIxe Broken glass/screen. Repair at factory is $100. Other opti...Read More 1
5/2/01   Participate in research project! - <b>Participate in research project!</b> <br><br> Th...Read More 1
4/4/01   Maximizer - I just set up the Palm with the Maximizer software. It syncs the addresses ...Read More 3
4/4/01   Mail - Dear Friends , 1) Is there a way to "HotSync" from the computer, but wi...Read More 1
2/3/01   Launching PalmConnect - I just bought a Palm lllxe and I have to use a USB connection so...Read More 1
11/8/00   Basic - I am to buying a PalmOS. Anyone please tell me if I buy the Palm m100, that equi...Read More 2
10/31/00   Do you know how to change the hot synch conduit? Please help - Help! I'm trying to loa...Read More 1
10/30/00   Problem with current date - The date in my palmpilot falls behind 1-2 days each time I t...Read More 3
10/30/00   fxq - My palmpilot falls behind 1-2 days everytime I turn it off. Has anyone else had t...Read More 1
10/30/00   PALM III - ...Read More 1
8/10/00   GET A FREE PALM V - Hi- I have found a new website that is promoting itself by giving...Read More 1
6/15/00   Palm IIIx with Siemens S25 for Internet - Hallo, habe eine D2 Karte und möchte mit Siem...Read More 1
2/18/00   Expense Application - Dates are written to the expense.txt file in US format M/D/Y regar...Read More 1
2/18/00   Palm IIIe - ...Read More 2
2/3/00   Address Book - tarnsferring information from handheld to desktop. - Address Book - I am ...Read More 1

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