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Palm V
Palm V Cradle failure overseas


Palm V Cradle failure overseas


C. Eliason


3/25/1999 5:37:34 PM


Thought potential Palm V buyers who are global road warriors ought to know that there are no internationally compatible cradles or travel kits available for the Palm V until at least mid -April. Also, the US cradle supplied with the Palm V has a proprietary adapter (supplying two different DC voltages to the cradle via a non-standard plug) which will likely fail if used with a transformer (220 to 110). May have something to do with 50Hz vs. 60 Hz. I am helpless in Moscow waiting for the rechargeable batteries to die ....... the 3Com PalmPilot message board at AOL has censored my messages on this subject including this last one: Subject: Censorship? Date: 26-Mar-99 03:51 Russian Standard Time From: xxxxxxx Message-id: <19990325195150.23511.00000178@ng-ch1.aol.com> Your message board says "Welcome, this is where you can post comments and questions about our products. I did that several times in a subject titled "Palm V cradle failure overseas" but those posts and my most recent one reiterating the comment have been removed. Please explain publicly. Charles Eliason (Palm Professional, Palm III, and Palm V owner) My comments on their messgae board were similar to the e-mails I have copied in below: Subj: Re: 0000 Date: 25-Mar-99 03:19:23 Russian Standard Time From: xxxxxxx To: support@palm.com Tried the soft reset while in the cradle, but no success. I have contacted customer support, but bottom line is the only solution is to wait until back ordered accessories become available. Evidently this is a common problem for people who are travelling or are located overseas. I have posted my remarks about this on the PalmPilot message board on AOL. As I indicated in my posting, I believe 3Com has done customers a disservice by introducing aproduct before full support is available. Charlie Eliason And here's my original desription of the problem: Subj: 0000 Date: 23-Mar-99 01:06:11 Russian Standard Time From: xxxxxxx To: support@palm.com I had a Palm Proffessional; replaced it with a Palm III and all was well until I lost the Palm III while on a business trip in Europe. Luckily I had bought and was phasing in a Palm V, but now I have a big problem - my recharger is no longer working (the light does not come on). I have read the Handbook and followed the limted instructions there, but it is still not working. I am VERY dependant on the Palm V and I will do anything to keep it in operation. I am currently living in Moscow and since there are no travel adapters available from 3Com nor any International versions of your recharger cradle, I have been using an adapter to change the current from 220 to 110. Unfortunately, the transformer cannot change the 50hz into 60hz, and I hope this is not part of the problem. In any case, I am desperate to keep my Palm V running. Can you PLEASE help me. I can call you if need be. Also, if you can ship a travel kit or an international adapter or any piece of hardware that will help me, I have a US address that I can have a traveller hand carry the replacement to me. I will be happy to pay any premiums for rapid service. My Palm V has only half a charge remaining! I am be most grateful for any prompt action you can take to help me. My Palm V has OS version 3.1 and the flash ID is xxxxxxxxx Thank-you. Charles Eliason

11/28/2000 11:55:43 AM
Post Email: djel@home.com
Subject: I had the same problem to...u fix it?

Hi, i also went oversea's with my Palm Vx, and it burned cradle and the transformer - they do not work anymore. My Palm still works, but when I do a softreboot the calibration on the stylus is totally messed up, does not work, I have to hard-reboot to make it work and reconfig the stylus / recalibrate it. PLEASE HELP -Dave

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