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Palm Help


11/4/1998 11:40:21 AM


Help with your Palm and general topics.

Date Topic Posts
6/4/01   Trouble with "Welcome" - This is probably something REALLY easy, BUT, I was messing arou...Read More 2
6/3/01   A funny story about stylus Dyslexia. - Hello, On my Palm organiser, I recently discov...Read More 1
5/25/01   M505 Display problem - I know I know you've seen and heard this one before. But Stop! ...Read More 2
5/13/01   repair - I dropped my palm 5. the glass has a crack, and I heard I coud send it somewhe...Read More 1
5/2/01   RFI & IIIxe ? - Does anybody have a spec or anything that lists the radio frequency inte...Read More 1
4/5/01   On the road restoration - Has anyone got a solution for restoring a Palm V while away fr...Read More 1
3/28/01   Great Price for Palm Pilots IIIxe - I got this email from their list. I thought some wou...Read More 1
3/22/01   12 minute sync times - My desktop PIM is NetMange-Ecco Pro. I've been syncing with no p...Read More 1
3/13/01   hotsync with daytimer - Need help getting palm IIIxe to sync with daytimer. Any suggest...Read More 2
3/13/01   Help w/Palm Zip software - First I am a novice when in comes to anything techinical. I ...Read More 2
2/28/01   Pocket PC hardware - RF & scanning??? - Hi... does anyone know of a pocket pc device tha...Read More 1
2/23/01   Data transfer during hot sync - My Palm IIIc easy syncs perfectly with Lotus Notes at wo...Read More 3
2/20/01   Web Site Research - Does anyone have any ideas on web sites that will download to the V...Read More 1
2/9/01   avantgo and mac problem - I just got a palm IIIxe. It works very well with my G3 imac. ...Read More 1
1/31/01   palm III losing appointments - what gives? - Hi, Have a question - using a Palm III a...Read More 1
1/31/01   outlook task question - I just got a palm V and am trying to figure out the best way to ...Read More 1
1/22/01   How do I get the calendar? Lotus note version & compatible - ...Read More 1
1/17/01   Banking on PDA's - Nationwide Building Society have launched what they claim to be the f...Read More 1
12/30/00   How do I use address.bak data in a new Palm? - I have a new Palm IIIxe, because the othe...Read More 1
12/30/00   Am I crazy or... - The first time I clicked on the menu icon it appeared at the bottom o...Read More 1
12/27/00   Greek for MacOS - My Palm V (OS v. 3.1.1) is loaded with the Greek alphabet as well -- a...Read More 1
12/18/00   What is all the excitment? - I have thought of getting a palm pilot to use as my persona...Read More 1
12/18/00   Help educate a newbie on selecting a Palm! - I want to buy a Palm or Visor for a friend ...Read More 1
12/14/00   palm pilot - Does anyone have an instruction booklet for the Palm Pilot Professional or ...Read More 1
12/5/00   How to convert Outlook .pst files to Palm .dba files? - Is there any way to convert my O...Read More 1

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