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Palm Help


11/4/1998 11:40:21 AM


Help with your Palm and general topics.

Date Topic Posts
3/12/99   Mac upgrade-help! - I'm a Mac user and want to upgrade to a newer Palm Pilot. I now use...Read More 1
3/9/99   Outlook contact/addresses sync'd to the Palm - I would like to be able to down and uploa...Read More 2
3/6/99   Looking for "Fitness Record" for pilot - I had a freeware program called "fitness record...Read More 1
3/5/99   Crash!! - I've owned the Palm III for two days now and I just encountered my first crash...Read More 1
3/5/99   Modems available? (not that 14.4 thing) If so where? - Just curious; been poking about o...Read More 2
3/4/99   looking for used pilot - I am looking for a used palm pilot. I am willing to spend 50-10...Read More 2
3/3/99   Printing address book - I'm using the Palm Pilot Desktop and relativly happy with it (bu...Read More 1
3/3/99   Snooze button for Alarm like outlook - I'm sure that there is a way, some program or hac...Read More 1
2/25/99   Work Order for Palm Pilot - Has anyone out there seen a good program for the Palm that w...Read More 1
2/19/99   Grade Books - I am a teacher considering purchasing the PalmpilotIII. Are there any gra...Read More 2
2/18/99   Advice - I am considering buying a PalmPilot, but I'm not sure if I should buy a Profess...Read More 1
2/15/99   To wait or not??? - I am ready to buy a PalmPilot but I have seen traces of a IIIx versi...Read More 4
2/11/99   Does it make noise? - Alarms? - Does the Palm3 have alarm capabilities? I've been try...Read More 2
2/8/99   people and time tracking software - I'm looking for software that will let me keep track...Read More 2
2/1/99   Need help. - hi! my desktop 1.0 crashed on MacOS 8.5.1. need help. please email me ...Read More 3
2/1/99   Outlook on a Pilot - I would like to run several Microsoft Outlook based calendars concu...Read More 3
1/27/99   Macintosh Upgrade - At Comdex, us Mac users were promised a more robust upgrade for the ...Read More 2
1/25/99   Palm Software Wishlist - I've developed a VCARD using the full spec (corporate logo, ph...Read More 3
11/6/98   HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! - ...Read More 2

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