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Palm Help


11/4/1998 11:40:21 AM


Help with your Palm and general topics.

Date Topic Posts
7/11/99   help - ...Read More 1
7/10/99   Multiple datebooks - Is it possible to have more than one datebook on a Pilot Pro? I sy...Read More 1
7/6/99   Desktop Software - where to find? - I pulled a bonehead move and packed my software away...Read More 2
6/19/99   Claris Emailer conduit? - Given that the Palm MacPac is based on Claris Organiser, and ...Read More 1
6/14/99   problems with ACT!4.0 and pilot synch - Am having real difficulty getting synched or kee...Read More 1
6/11/99   Lotus 5 & Easysync & Palm Desktop - I'm a new Palm IIIx user. I had a dickens of a time ...Read More 1
6/7/99   User profile question... - I'm having a bit of trouble getting my user profiles to work ...Read More 1
6/3/99   I need more catagories - I would like to be able to import my entire address list from d...Read More 2
6/2/99   password lockout -- HELP!! - Hello, I have a old pilot5000 and use it regularly excep...Read More 3
5/31/99   multiple address lists, multiple mail boxes? - I use multiple contact lists in outlook, ...Read More 1
5/14/99   Palm Pilot Professional - Is there anyway to do a conversion from the Day-Timer program ...Read More 1
5/14/99   Jot software - Has anyone used Jot recognition software? I received a mailer from CIC S...Read More 1
5/10/99   sync with outlook - I cannot succeed in synchronizing my outlook mailboxes with my palmp...Read More 1
5/7/99   IR communication to PC - Hey I just bought a Palm V and I use it home and the office. ...Read More 1
4/20/99   Need help with ..uploading ? - Hi everyone, This is just another newbie question I gu...Read More 1
4/12/99   PalmPilot & Priority Management - Since I organise myself according the Priority Manage...Read More 1
4/5/99   SMS & Palm - I'd like to know if anyone can send SMS messages thru palmIIIx's ir. If any...Read More 1
3/31/99   Outlook Express v 5.0 - I am a happy owner of a Palm IIIx and want to use it with my com...Read More 8
3/29/99   Genalogy Software - I 'am looking for a genealogy software for the Palm III (gedcom)...Read More 2
3/28/99   calculator - help. i would like a free/cheap way to do calculations on my pilot v which...Read More 1
3/23/99   beaming/infrared programs - Does anyone know if there is any software out there that wou...Read More 2
3/20/99   How to download files - I realize this is a rather elementary problem for many of you, b...Read More 4
3/18/99   File Conversion - As a new user I'm having trouble converting my previous database files...Read More 2
3/15/99   Multiple schedules for different users - Does anyone know if there is any software for t...Read More 2
3/15/99   Palm Problems - I have experienced problems with my Personal Palm Pilot. It does not ho...Read More 3

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