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Palm Help


11/4/1998 11:40:21 AM


Help with your Palm and general topics.

Date Topic Posts
2/8/00   Serial Port In Use Error - After upgrading my IIIx to the latest OS, I can no longer do ...Read More 8
1/25/00   PalmPilot Desktop Alarms - Are there any PalmPilot software apps that contain an alrm fo...Read More 1
1/18/00   Keyboard Hack - Today I installed HackMaster 0.9. I then installed Keyboard hack by Hor...Read More 1
1/14/00   missing hotsync options with Palm V - Any help on this one? I have recently upgraded to...Read More 1
1/5/00   Hot Syncing Palm on Windows NT Machine - Has anyone had any trouble hot syncing their pa...Read More 1
1/4/00   Sharp DOS Info to Palm - Specifically, I'm having problems downloading information from ...Read More 1
12/19/99   Looking for Aviation Software - I'm looking for a program that will compute aircraft wei...Read More 2
12/11/99   input problems - My wife's Palm Pilot has increasing difficulty recognizing Graffiti cor...Read More 2
12/10/99   Comparison? - Hello all, I am a student doing an academic report on the PalmPilot, an...Read More 1
12/2/99   English (only) Dictionary for Palm? - Do you know of an electronic dictionary (English o...Read More 2
11/30/99   Help with e-mail truncate - I currently download e-mails from Microsoft Outlook on my de...Read More 3
11/24/99   HELP recover - Help please, While using the HOTSYNC the To Do List and Memo Pad were d...Read More 1
11/24/99   Can a Palm access Ethernet at all? - I have a LAN at home. I'm getting a modem with my P...Read More 2
11/19/99   cassiopeia pin layout - hi, i have a cassiopeia E-100. how can i find out the pin layou...Read More 1
11/9/99   Looking for JFile Tutorial - ---I am looking for a JFile Tutorial. ---The JFile manual ...Read More 1
11/4/99   Notes v5 and Palm V problem - I'm using the Palm V with the latest version of Notes v5 a...Read More 2
10/31/99   backlight on PalmIII - I just got a palm III and don't have a manual with it. I'm wonde...Read More 2
10/26/99   How to use excel file on my Palm III organizer - Sir/Madam I have a Palm III (TM) conne...Read More 2
10/15/99   Dead pilot returns to half information pilot - My Pilot (professional) was not acting fu...Read More 2
10/7/99   Please help - I have the Palm Pilot III with the upgraded chip installed. I have three ...Read More 1
9/11/99   An Incredible Palm Pilot Package - Palm Keybaord / Upgrade / Cradle / Stgyli / Sorftware...Read More 1
8/26/99   Screen hard to read - One of the few complaints which I have about my PalmPilot is how d...Read More 1
8/19/99   MAC RELATED QUESTION - I would like to know if anyone has been able to perform a synch ...Read More 2
8/7/99   Palm V - So, can I assume that if I buy a Palm V, I can install via beaming or hotsynchi...Read More 2
7/21/99   Prining Addresses in alternate formats - Are there any utilities that will allow me to p...Read More 1

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