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InstantEmail for Palm OS


InstantEmail for PalmOS has the ability to Send & Receive Email from anywhere using a Palm handheld device(PDA). The software allows users to retrieve email messages from an existing email account, along with an InstantEmail Palm-enabled email address. One of the features included with the Palm-Enabled Email account and software is its ability to create multiple new and additional email accounts "on-the-fly" (you@instantemail.net, me@instantemail.net). Users can also control incoming Email by routing copies to an existing Email address, digital phone, alpha pager or to any fax machine worldwide.

Another powerful feature is the "deferred or scheduled Email". These Email are created and scheduled for a future delivery time. Perhaps, to remind yourself or an associate of an upcoming event or meeting. Sales professionals can create and schedule follow-up Email to clients for delivery, days, weeks or months later. Sending and receiving Email while traveling is easy. InstantEmail's software uses the handheld's on-board infrared port, and connect to the Internet using a *digital phone.

The InstantEmail software is a quick and simple solution for the need to send and receive Email from a handheld device. Use IR, approved cable to a digital phone or simply HotSync.

Notice: Using such equipment as the Kyocera Smartphone QCP 6035, Nokia 8290, VisorPhone, Palm V modem, or other IR enabled digital phones and digital phone services such as Cingular Wireless, Sprint, Verizon in the US. InstantEmail for PalmOS will then facilitates a connection to the Internet enabling Users to send and receive email from a Handheld device.


03-Oct-01 by N Banbury
This application is excellent. Relatively easy to set up, once you get the correct POP settings from your own ISP. Make sure you change the connection details on your Palm! I can now read emails anywhere in the world, and reply to them. How on earth did I survive without this before?

28-Aug-01 by Greg Bryant
I am a frequent international traveler and I have been using InstantEmail all over the world: Europe, Asia and Brazil and South America. It works great. Not a glitch.

03-Aug-01 by Alec Gold
It is not very easy to install, the manual could be improved a little, but it works great: you can use your current accounts and let the mail be forwarded, or not, to you instant e-mail account. It is not superfast, but fast enough to use with a IRDA/mobile.

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